Pulsar Challenger GS 2.7×50 night vision Device

Challenger GS 2.7×50 is perfectly suited for the protection of objects of orienteering and tactical games at night. Built-in IR illuminator high power makes observation possible even in the absence of external lighting.

The basis of the monocular is a modern image intensifier TUBE CF-Super provides a clear image across the field of view. The high range of observations of 250 meters ensures a comfortable observation of different objects.

Challenger GS 2.7×50 sealed in the housing is not afraid of dirt and dust, and also it can be used at any rainfall intensity. Special mount allows you to install additional IR illuminator high-power and other accessories including a special mask to allow fixation of the device on the head. Switching on and off of the monocular and the IR illuminator with only one button. Design features of the night eliminates accidental activation of the IR illuminator.


  • Image intensifier TUBE 1st generation of the brand CF-Super.
  • The object detection range of 250 metres.
  • Protection from dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Extra accessories.
  • The ergonomic design of the housing.
  • Protection from accidental activation of the IR illuminator.


  • Device Challenger GS Assembly
  • Case
  • The manual
  • Napkin for cleaning of lenses
  • Warranty card

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