Ranger 5×42 digital (13330) night vision Device

Ranger 5×42 is a fundamentally new, has several unique advantages, night vision device, which is a result of a combination of modern optical and digital technologies.

Comparing favorably NVD gen.1, brightness and sharpness of the image within the working distance of the Ranger 5×42 night vision competes with gen.2. The IR illuminator device operates in the remote field of IR range (940nm), invisible to the naked eye, and has the function of smooth adjustment of power and memorizing the selected level of radiation.

Ranger 5×42 is fully self-contained (powered with 6 AA batteries) but can also operate on external sources. The adjusting wheel on the front panel allows to adjust the brightness level of the LCD. The device is equipped with a video output for image broadcasting to the screen and the video.

For prolonged observation and video recording it is advisable to mount the device on a tripod with 1/4 inch mount.

Magnification, x 5
Lens diameter, mm 42
Lens focus, mm 50.3
Distance recognition, m 250
Delete out.pupil, mm 12
The limit of refocus ocular, mm ± 4
Display size, mm 3.27×4.35
The resolution of the camera, the pxl. 510×492
Display resolution, pxl. 400 x 225
The wavelength of the IR ozvet., nm 940
Eff. distance IR OSV., m 250
Supply voltage, V The 7.2 ~ 9 V (6xAA)
Poss. photo/video Yes
Lens material optical glass
Length, mm 170
Width, mm 116
Height, mm 76
Weight, kg 0.65

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