Ranger 5×42 Pro night vision Device digital

Digital NV Ranger Pro 5×42 is the result of effective application of digital technologies in observation optics. Ranger Pro is characterized by an impressive 5-fold increase, and the maximum distance of observation reaches 600 meters, made possible thanks to the use in the design of extremely sensitive CCD and software technology new Sum Light TM.

The brightness and clarity of the picture Ranger Pro 5×42 competes with the image intensifier TUBE based equipment of the 2nd generation. The image is displayed on a monochrome LCD display and is marked by a clarity and sharpness across the field of view.

The device is able to capture effectively the light flux of a wide wave range in conditions of natural night illumination. For observing on a moonless night used a powerful and adjustable infrared illuminator. The wavelength is 940nm (remote area of the IR range invisible to the naked eye) – the observer is invisible even when using the device in active mode.

The video out allows you to output to a monitor or TV. This facilitates long-time stationary viewing, and also allows video recording on an external recording device.

Visual magnification, x 5
Lens diameter, mm 42
Resolution, lines/mm 40
The field of view, degrees 5
Camera resolution, pixels 510×492
The type of output CCIR (PAL)
Dimensions, mm 170x116x76
Weight, kg 0.65

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