Recon X850 night vision digital

Model Recon X850 is equipped with a powerful laser IR illuminator (first class laser safety) with a wavelength of 780 nm – recognize objects in complete darkness at a distance of 350 meters.

Pulsar Recon X850 is equipped with a camera with high resolution (752*582 Pix.) and OLED display (640*480 pixels). The Sum function Light allows you to use the device without IR illumination in low or insufficient light.

Digital night vision Pulsar Recon X850 is one of the most compact and ergonomic night vision devices available on the market. Aperture optics, optical zoom 5.5 x and an additional option in the form of two-time digital zoom provides the best increase among budget devices.

Digital night vision Pulsar Recon X850 is equipped with the special mounting hub: tripod socket 1/4“ and strap Weaver 7/8“ for different accessories. The device has four operating modes: black and white, black white high contrast, green (simulates the observation in image intensifier TUBE based equipment) and red (provides the fastest adaptation of the observer’s eye for night conditions at the end of the observation).

Digital night vision Pulsar Recon X850 is intended for observation, research, orienteering, hunting, Hiking, as well as in the field of safety and security, at carrying out repair-recovery and rescue operations.


  • A built-in video recorder
  • Visible IR laser – illuminator
  • Aperture optics
  • Insensitivity to the effects of bright light
  • The choice of color backlight display
  • A function of increased contrast
  • Max. operating time with battery pack (without IR / with IR), hour : 4/3,5
  • The monocular type: digital
  • The presence of the IR-illuminator: built-in
  • Type IR illuminator: laser, visible
  • Matrix type: CCD CCD
  • Magnification, x: 5.5
  • Lens diameter, mm: 50
  • The field of view, °: 5,5
  • Delete out.pupil, mm: 12
  • Limit refocus the eyepiece, mm: ± 5
  • Resolution, lines / mm: 50
  • The wavelength of the IR illuminator, nm 780
  • Power IR illuminator, mW: 125
  • Display type: OLED
  • Display resolution, pixels VGA: 640×480
  • Diagonal, inch: 0,24
  • A built-in DVR: Yes
  • Range of detection, m*: 350
  • Type of batteries: 4хАА
  • The type of mounting for installation of additional accessories: weaver
  • Protection class (according to IEC 60529): IPX4
  • Operating temperature range,°C: -20 … +50
  • Dimensions, mm: 176x83x62
  • Weight, kg: 0,42

* – Max. detection range of an object with a size of 1.7×0.5 m in natural night illumination of 0.05 Lux (quarter moon).

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