The Phantom 4×60 rifle Scope night

Press the arrow buttons can choose between three different reticles: dot, horizontal lines and lower vertical line (with the free center), or a combination of the previous two options. The reticle is red, with the brightness adjustment. Blinking reticle indicates the imminent need to replace the battery

The three-position of the reticle

The power of sight can be carried out from one element AA (1.5 V) and the element CR123А (3V). The power supply system voltage stabilization ensures proper operation of all systems of sight, even at critical discharge of batteries, eliminating the disposal and the change in the brightness of the aiming reticle. The battery in the battery compartment vertically. This increases the reliability of energy supply when you return at the time of the shot

Attorney optical path

The Phantom can be operated in precipitation of any intensity. Attorneye protects optics and internal cavities of the scope from fogging

Remote control

The remote control duplicates the functions of switching on the device and IR illuminator. The third button is used to instantly turn on the sight and IR illuminator

Linked lens cover

Lens cap Phantom mounted on a rigid plastic wrap and protected from loss. For observation or shooting is necessary to move the cover, placing in a convenient location on the lens barrel

Removable IR illuminator

Phantom riflescopes are equipped with a removable IR illuminator with focusing function of the light spot

Function short operation

The sight only works when you hold the button, momentary activation. This is convenient when constant observation is not conducted to include the sight for a short time to assess the situation

Lens with internal focusing

The lens adopts the internal focusing mechanism of the image with the enhanced fixation of the drum at around 100 meters

Planck Weaver 7/8

Weaver strap on the body of the sight is designed for installation of various accessories

  • The Phantom 4×60 (Gen3)
  • IIT generation: 3
  • Brand IIT: EPM222G
  • Magnification, x: 4
  • Light lens diameter, mm: 60
  • The field of view, °: 9
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m: 8
  • Delete out.pupil, mm: 50
  • Limit refocus the eyepiece, mm: ±3,5
  • Resolution, lines / mm: 45
  • The wavelength of the IR illuminator, nm: 805
  • Equivalent power IR illuminator, mW: 100
  • Range of detection, m (object 1.7 m height, illumination of 0.05 Lux (1/4 moon)): 800
  • The voltage V: 1.5 / 3
  • Type of batteries: 1xAA / 1xCR123
  • Battery life (with IR), hour: 5/8
  • Battery life (without IR), hour: 15/24
  • The type of the aiming mark: 3 positions, red/green
  • Cost per click, mm/100m: 13,5
  • Shock resistance on rifled weapon (permissible value E0), j: 6000
  • Operating temperature range,°C: – 30 … + 40
  • Protection class (according to IEC 60529): IPX6
  • Attorneye: Yes
  • The presence of the remote control unit: Yes
  • Dimensions, mm: 320х95х103
  • Weight, kg ≈ 1

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