Carl Zeiss Victory Diarange 3-12 x56 T optical sight

Especially lightweight and powerful model Diarange conveys the intense light, rich in details and contrasts of the image until nightfall, when a timid game.

Bright illuminated point of the reticle that enhances the accuracy and speed of shooting. Optimum ergonomics, for intuitive operation.

Rifle scopes Zeiss HT series set a new benchmark for all other manufacturers optics.

Exit pupil diameter 14.7 – 4.7 mm
The diameter of the lens 44 – 56 mm
Tube diameter eyepiece 45 mm
The range of the quadratic setup to 100m 140 / 100 cm
Range of diopter adjustment – 4, + 2
The diameter of the tube lens 62.5 mm
Length 360 mm
Field of view at 100m 12.5 – 3.5 m
Twilight number 8.5 – 25.9
Increase 3 – 12 x
The angle of view 7.2 – 2 degrees
Weight 995 g

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