Hakko B3ERDZF-3125 3-12×50 AO. R:6D optical sight

Brand Hakko belongs to the Japanese company Tokyo Scope Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo (Japan). The company was formed in 1970 and over this forty years engaged in the production of optical sights.

In 2006, after the sudden death of the head of the company Hakko, the company broke up, and the plant Hakko was quickly acquired by Tokyo Scope, as the heads of these producers were close friends. Original name brand at change of the owner has been retained. Scopes Hakko Japanese firms are well known for our shooters and hunters. These sights have appeared on our market for quite some time, but have been presented in most expensive series in the elite stores. But Hakko – firm democratic and produces riflescopes in different price categories.

Sights SUPER B series specifically designed for large-caliber weapons have a powerful impact. These can be recommended to almost any used in Russian weapons up to caliber 9,3х62, 9.3х74,.300 Win Mag etc.

Since this series is a “top” it is set is huge (more than 30) number of sighting marks types. In addition, can be installed three-color backlight – red, green, black. Optimum brightness of the aiming mark is selected 7-speed regulator, which is located on the housing of the eyepiece. Drums entering amendments have a protective cover and can easily be entered manually without special tool.


  • sotoserena, shockproof
  • fixed label aiming
  • high-class optics with a multilayered enlightenment of lenses
  • reinforced body construction to withstand powerful impact

The sights, NACCO the SUPER B introduces a new system of the zoom setting, patented in several countries, including the United States. At that time, as a regular system changes the increasing demands of the incision on the body at an angle of 270°, the new system uses the cut 35°, which increases the strength of the hull 34 times. Special surface treatment one-piece body of aluminum alloy creates a very durable coating that protects the housing of the sight from scratches.

Package contents:

  • Rifle Scope Hakko
  • The CR2032
  • Protective caps for eyepiece and objective lens


Magnification, x 3-12
The diameter of the lens, mm 50
The diameter of the tube of the sight, mm 30
Field of view at 100 m, m 10.5 – 2.9
Exit pupil, mm 28,7
The distance from the eyepiece to an eye, mm 107-86
The illuminated reticle there
Battery 3V, CR 2032
Deviation from the parallax effect 1652
The price of the 1st click of the mechanism of input of amendments (MOA) 1/4
Length, mm 352
Weight, g 601
Moisture there
Filling with nitrogen/argon there

Manufacturer: Hakko (Japan)

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