Konuspro M-30 3-12×56 rifle scope optical

The sight is protected from moisture; pulse loads on the powerful firearms calibers or Magnum Pneumatics; nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging of the lenses, which are multi-coated and protected by hinged lids.

Riflescope Konuspro M-30 3-12×56 is the classical universal variable multiplicity for short, medium and long distances: a minimum increase of 3 optimally will bring purpose to any landscape; the average value of magnification from 3 to 12 will optimally tune given area; maximum magnification 12x will allow you to make accurate shots over medium and long hunting distances.

Great lens with a lens diameter of 56 mm. will receive more light and give a great bright image even with the bad light conditions.

Setup open tactical flywheels of input of amendments, engraved cross-hairs, with two-color backlight (red / blue ) and five levels of brightness located in the second focal plane, can be performed manually, without tools and fixed into the housing of optical sights is made of a single billet of metal.

The ability to manually adjust the settings of the mechanism of compensation of the parallax, the integral indicator of the horizontal position of the sight and the lens hood protects from the sun’s glare (included) will help to make an accurate shot.

  • Magnification: 3-12
  • The diameter of the main tube scope: 30 mm.
  • The diameter of the lens: 44 mm.
  • Coating: matte black, anti-glare
  • Weight: 820 gr.

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