Leapers 3-12х40 UTG True Hunter AO SCP-U312AOIEW optical sight

Series traditional hunting scopes with a body diameter of 1 inch, the detuning parallax lens from 5 yards to infinity, convenient drums with fixation of the introduced amendments and cancellation of grid Mil-Dot red/ green illumination, variable magnification, antireflection lenses with multi-coated and adjustable eyepiece.

They all passed full cycle of testing and certification according to industrial standards.

This year Leapers looked anew at their riflescopes with tubes of 1″ 5TH GEN series and GOLDEN IMAGE and combined the best and the most popular features in the series TRUE HUNTER. The accuracy, reliability, bright and clear image, maximum availability, allocate them among competing brands and make them the best choice for hunters of armenteros to big game hunters, from using air guns to shooters of large-caliber bolt rifles.

Adjustable Objective(AO) – this feature is an adjustable lens. This greatly simplifies the process of detuning from parallax at specific distances.


One-piece body tube scope diameter 1 inch. The tube housing is made of sight high-strength aluminum alloy 6061 T6. Compared to the prefabricated buildings of the scopes from other manufacturers, the details of which are glued or screwed together, one-piece housing of optical sights is garantieleistung and accuracy of hits. Truckasaurus with a diameter of 1 inch with well-matched optical system can provide a bright and clear image with a small weight of a sight.

Backlight with adjustable side flywheel. System RGB backlight allows the shooter to select an illumination color in the spectrum between red and green, and change its brightness. If the backlight is off, the grid becomes black. Very convenient to enter adjust turn fully sealed moisture – and waterproof flywheel with the applied labels corresponding to different brightness levels.

Thanks to the adjustments of color and brightness of the reticle can be configured for any shooting and hunting problems in any lighting conditions from twilight to bright sunlight.

Enlightened multi-layer coating Thanks to a special multilayer coating enlightened, the light transmission of the lenses is improved in the entire visible light spectrum. Light transmission coefficient of individual lenses is greater than 95%, which creates a vivid image in daylight and improves visibility at dusk.

Reticle Mil-Dot with the ability to estimate distance. Reticle Mil-Dot, which can be used to measure the distance to the target, is the most common grid on the Leapers scopes. This reticle a big crosshair, crossing the entire field of sight. In the Central part of the crosshair using the same intervals caused by numerous points. The distance between two adjacent points at the magnification of 10x is 1 milliradian, or 3.44 MOA.

Drums with locking amendments and reset.These drums are fitted with a rotating retaining ring which allows you to easily enter horizontal and vertical amendments and to fix the point of adjustment. Loosening the hex screw, you can swap the flywheel to reset the data. Reliable retention of zeroing proven tests and is confirmed by positive user reviews.

The wire mesh. The grid is etched from a metal reflective foil for high precision stencil. It relies on the body and a special hardware that allows it to withstand a strong recoil momentum.

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