Leica ERi 3-12×50 tire ZM mesh L-Ballistic optical sight

Riflescope Leica ER i 3-12×50 is ideal for all types of hunting shooting. The range of magnification from 3 to 12x allows accurate shooting at close, medium and far distances – in the mountain gorges and from the blind.

Thanks to the compact eyepiece and the long straight pipe lengths ahead of and behind the turret sight very easy to mount on a hunting rifle. Wide field of view and large magnification allow the arrow to quickly aim and accurately hit the target.


  • Waterproof to a depth of 4 m;
  • Filled with nitrogen against fogging;
  • Thanks to the proprietary AquaDura coating water droplets roll off the lenses and dirt is easily cleaned;
  • The price of division of the scale of input of amendments 1/4 MOA (minutes of arc) for easy adjustment;
  • Scale division with the installation of well defined and easily determined by touch;
  • Leica Ballistic mesh with backlight;
  • Battery – CR2032;
  • The light transmission is 90%.

Leica Ballistic mesh designed for accurate shooting from afar. The labels on the vertical line of the crosshairs allow for aiming with the necessary adjustment of the ballistic trajectory, without changing the grid settings (if known distance to target and ballistic characteristics of the ammunition used).

The size of the Central point of 0.2″/0.5 cm Horizontal gap between the thick lines of 55.1″/140 cm

  • Technical specifications Leica ER i 3-12×50 Mesh L-Ballistic:
  • Magnification: 3-12x
  • Lens diameter: 50 mm
  • The diameter of the Central tube: 30 mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 14,9-4,1 mm
  • Working distance from an eyepiece to eyes: 100 mm
  • Lens coating: AquaDura patented coating
  • Field of view (at 100 m): 2.75 m – 11.5 m
  • The price of click of the mechanism of input of amendments (mm on 100 m or angular minutes): 1/4 MOA
  • Reticle L-Ballistic illuminated
  • Sight length: 340 mm
  • Weight: 640 g

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