Leica Magnus 1,8-12х50 bus ZM mesh L-Ballistic optical sight

Outstanding light transmission, extraordinarily high contrast images, innovative optical design and optimal control – here is a complete characteristic of the optical riflescopes Leica Magnus.

It is uncompromisingly accurate and the most advanced technical optical instrument, always ensuring users have the best possible chances of success.

All Magnus riflescopes are sharp and clearly visible both day and night reticle with additional dimmable lighting Central point that allows us to achieve brilliant results even in difficult lighting conditions.

The center points of the meshes in all the sights of the Magnus series is extremely bright and sharp. This is achieved thanks to the most modern innovative technologies of rear projection – unique know-how that ensures that crosshair reticle riflescopes Magnus will be protected from any excessive lighting, distracting the hunter. Fine adjustment of the illumination of the center point ensures that the hunter will see any detail of the object sighting even under unfavorable lighting conditions.

All types of grids of riflescopes Magnus was designed with the wishes of the shooters and hunters, and tested in the field. Reticle located in the second focal plane of the lens.


  • Universal variable magnification 1.8 x – 12x
  • Diameter 50 mm lens to work in low light
  • The total transmission of the optics more than 91%
  • The effective diameter of the exit pupil
  • The diopter adjustment +3/-4
  • 60 steps of brightness adjustment
  • Automatic disable/enable backlight
  • Day and twilight modes
  • Dirt – and water-repellent Leica AquaDura coating
  • Sealed design
  • BDC – compensation of the fall of the bullet. Allows you to adjust the reticle with respect to distance.
  • Bus ZEISS

The grid reticle L-Ballistic – reticle for accurate shooting from afar.

  • The labels on the vertical line of the crosshairs allow for aiming with the necessary adjustment of the ballistic trajectory, without changing the grid settings (if known distance to target and ballistic characteristics of the ammunition used).
  • The size of the Central point of 0.2’/0.5 cm
  • The horizontal gap between the thick lines of 55.1’/140 cm
  • The multiplicity 2-12
  • The illuminated reticle is
  • The method of mounting the tyre Zeiss
  • Diameter of objective lens, mm 50
  • Field of view at 100m, m –
  • Range of diopter corrections +3/-4 dpt
  • The location of the reticle in the second focal plane
  • Mechanism of input of amendments
  • Adjustment range vertical m/100m 1.5
  • The range of adjustment horizontal m/100m 1.4
  • The diameter of the middle tube of the sight, mm 30
  • Weight 710 g
  • Length, mm 335
  • Moisture is
  • Filling with nitrogen/argon is
  • Battery 3V, CR 2032

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