Leupold VX-3 in 1.5-5 × 20 German-4 Dot illuminated sight optical

VX-3 is a classic representative of the legendary Leupold quality optics, where at affordable price purchased a true friend that will not fail, will be with you until the inevitable defeat targets at any time of the year, day or night.

The series riflescopes VX-3 incorporates 100-year-old experience of company Leupold. These devices meet the highest level of quality, reliability and functionality.

Compact VX-3 1.5-5 × 20 is best suited for driven hunts, defeat dynamic targets, as well as wherever important compactness, aperture, field of view and best-in-class reliability. The illuminated reticle has 2 modes of operation – Daylight and Twilight. In each mode, the owner can choose 4 levels of intensity. This unique backlight 3rd generation ensures a contrasting point, clearly visible in the brightest day and not blinding in the dark.

Reticle German #4 Dot – classic European mesh, has excellent contrast in twilight and on the background of the dimmed items.


  • The VX-3 system is used is MST (Motion Sensor Technology – literally-in Motion Sensor). The principle of MST is as follows: when the sight is motionless for 5 minutes, otkluchitsa backlight, saving battery charge, but it’s worth the arrow to make the move, as the light is switched on again.
  • The ease of use. The off position between intensity settings makes it easy to turn the backlight off and then enable it on the selected intensity level.
  • Compartments for battery storage. The module power supply backlight from one CR-2032. Under the covers flywheels vertical and horizontal corrections has a built-in storage compartment for spare battery.
  • Accurate entry of amendments. The price of a click in 1/4 MOA (6.3 mm per 100 meters) is sufficient even for high-precision shooting at long distances. Also available the metric system of input of amendments, where 1 click equals 1 cm at 100 m.
  • DiamondCoat2 has the best protection otises of all that ever was offered the Leupold company standards even higher than required by war. The device offers the highest reliability and at the same time improves the light transmission, thereby increasing the brightness, clarity and contrast.
  • Triple inverting system with two compensation springs. This turning system is able to withstand the recoil of Magnum calibers and is 30% larger than the value that serves as a standard for a cheaper Leupold series, which are well proven
  • Tube from aircraft aluminum. Made of solid aircraft aluminum 6061-T6, sights VX-3 are able to withstand any test.
  • Gold ring and medallion. The final touch of the new VX-3 is a ring and a medallion from gilding 999 tests caused by company Leupold on each sight.
  • Actual magnification: 1.5 x – 4.5 x
  • The field of view, m@100m: 22.2 – 9.7
  • The distance from the eye, cm: 11.4 – 9.4
  • Weight, g: 405
  • Lens diameter, mm: 20
  • The diameter of the Central tube, mm: 30
  • Vertical amendment of MOA: 117
  • The horizontal amendment of MOA: 117
  • Cost per click: 1cm/100m or 1/4 MOA

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