Leupold VX-R 1,25-4×20 Firedot Duplex mesh optical sight

The main advantage of all Leupold VX-R is the new fibre optic LED illumination system is the Central point of the reticle Fire Dot.

The distinctive feature of this lighting is Motion Sensor Technology – with built-in motion sensor reticle illumination turns off automatically if the sight is stationary for more than 5 minutes, and also automatically turns on back motion is detected, which allows to extend the operating time of the battery. Another new Fire Dot is the ability to change the backlight brightness (8 levels) by simply pressing the button on the “drum” (where normally is located the drum detuning from parallax), which is very convenient to use.

Sight Leupold VX-R are produced using the new technology of waterproof Absolute Waterproof Integrity (system integrity second generation), in which instead of the traditional nitrogen using the gas mixture of argon and krypton (Argon/Krypton). Due to the properties of the gas (a molecule is much greater than that of nitrogen) greatly reduces diffusion of gases and, thus, Leopold riflescopes VX-R have higher integrity than any other nitrogen-filled scopes, as well as provide a high resistance to “thermal shock” (sudden temperature changes).


Optical system Index Matched Lens System ensures maximum light transmission and allows to obtain high brightness, contrast and picture resolution in all conditions, including in low light conditions.

On the outer surface of the lens is plotted multilayer coating DiamondCoat2, which for strength and durability exceeds even military standards and protects the optics from scratches and any external environment.

The price of division (click) drums entering amendments is 1/4 MOA. You can spin the wheels by hand without the use of “coin”.
Main tube diameter 30mm high tensile strength.
System of water leakage (tightness) of the second generation.
Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

  • Weight,326
  • The diameter of the lenses is 20 mm
  • Pipe diameter (inch,mm) 30mm
  • Length mm 241
  • Case Black matte
  • The field of view, m at 100m. 22.9 – 8.8
  • Reticle Fire-Dot Duplex
  • Magnification 1.25 x-4x

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