Meopta MEOPRO 4-12×50 mesh BDC optical sight

Riflescopes MeoPro series retains all the advantages of MeoStar riflescopes series but at a more affordable price.

A great choice for hunting in wide-open places: fields or the rugged terrain of an open valley, 4-12×50 MeoPro ensures control and accurate work necessary for difficult shots at critical moments.

The main difference between the MeoPro riflescopes series is a diameter of 25.4 mm and not 30 mm as in how riflescopes MeoStar series, and the lack of a backlight the reticle.
Despite these differences riflescopes MeoPro not concede the MeoStar scopes and quite popular among hunters.

Optical elements premium multi-coated, have unique light transmission capacity and provide high-contrast and clear image.

The basis of Meopta rifle scopes are well-tried and proven design solutions, this is accompanied by the highest quality of each operation and the latest production technology. As a result, the quality of the sights Меоptа very close to the market leaders, while having a more favourable price.


  • MeoBright 5501 – multi-layer coating applied to all air-glass optical surfaces. Developed by Meopta, MeoBright 5501 coating eliminates glare and reflections and delivers a 99.8% (92-95% of the total run, depending on the model) light transmission on the surface of the lens.
  • MeoQuick – MeoQuick provides a fast focus and a fairly wide range of adjustment to adjust the image to the eye.
  • Mesh. Mesh caused by etching on glass. Precision etching mesh glass delivers exceptional target definition.
  • Shockproof. Designed to withstand the heaviest recoil.
  • Waterproof. All scopes are 100% waterproof and fully protected from moisture, rain and snow.
  • Sotoserena. All scopes are nitrogen-filled, which 100% prevents internal condensation.
  • Diameter of objective lens, mm: 50
  • The diameter of the tube of the sight, mm: 25.4
  • Field of view at 100m, m: 9.1–3
  • Exit pupil, mm 12.5–4.2
  • The distance from the eyepiece to an eye, mm: 95
  • The illuminated reticle: no
  • Range of diopter corrections: +2/-3 dpt
  • Adjustment range vertical (MOA): 52
  • The range of adjustment horizontal (MOA): 52
  • The price of the 1st click of the mechanism of input of amendments (MOA): 1/4
  • Location reticle: second focal plane
  • Length, mm: 348
  • Weight, g: 516
  • Filling with nitrogen/argon: Yes

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