Nikon Prostaff 5 4.5-18×40 SF IL W/BDC BRA44046 optical sight

Unique ballistic circles provide an incredible advantage, increasing the accuracy of aiming at long distances without compromising ease of aiming at short distances.

Protected from moisture and fogging optical rifle scopes Prostaff 5 IL uses some of the best in the market of optical systems with multi-layer anti-reflective coating. Illuminated sighting grid with 5 levels of brightness greatly increases the convenience of shooting in twilight and in difficult light conditions.

The spring loaded lever mechanism instant reset of adjustments provides the most fast and convenient adjustment of the reticle grid in the field. Side parallax adjustment helps improve shooting accuracy at different distances. Prostaff 5 IL is available in versions with sighting meshes Duplex and BDC. Target mesh BDC allows hunters to aim accurately at distances that were previously considered impossible.


  • Multi-coated on all elements of the optical system
  • Independent spring-loaded arm instant reset of adjustments
  • High-precision adjustment mechanism
  • Eyepiece with fast focus
  • Large and stable take-out point of sight
  • Protection from moisture and fogging
  • Red or green illuminated BDC reticle grid with 5 levels of brightness
  • Type: riflescope ProStaff
  • Waterproof: Yes (sotoserena)
  • Field of view ( ° ) of 7.5 and 1.9
  • Magnification (x): 4,5-18
  • Exit pupil (mm): 2.2
  • The takeaway point of sight (mm): 101.6
  • Diameter of tube (mm): 25.4
  • Outer diameter of eyepiece (mm): 44
  • Field of view at 100 m distance (m) of 7.5 and 1.9
  • Etched target grid: Yes
  • Step adjustment (mm / 1 click) at a distance of 100 m: 3.5
  • Step adjustment (angular minute / 1 click): 1/8
  • Parallax (m): and 45.72 to ∞
  • Brightness levels: 5 levels
  • Body construction: Composite
  • Type grid reticle BDC
  • Type mount Ring (no go)
  • Power supply: CR2032
  • Weight: 500
  • Country of origin: Philippines
  • Accessories supplied: Caps on eyepiece and lens, wide ring, wide ring cap, lens hood, hex wrench, opener, battery cover, battery (CR2032)

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