Swarovski Z4i 2,5-10×56 SR 4A-I rifle scope optical

Optical sight model Z4i 2,5-10×56 reveals its advantages when hunting in low light conditions.

Equipped with a 56-millimeter lens, brilliant optics with high light transmission and illuminated sight with the smooth dimming, the hunter will be especially well prepared to hunt in an ambush from dusk till dark.


  • Very light weight compared to other scopes with a 4-fold increase
  • Durable aluminum body fully absorbs impact
  • If desired, comes complete with tyre (SR)


  • Clear reticle at the second level, provides the highest accuracy at all ranges
  • HigH gRid technology ensures a clearly distinguishable luminous point for an accurate shot
  • Rapid adjustment of the sight – in clicks


  • High light transmission – for accurate shooting, even in twilight
  • Checked optics delivers high contrast and optimal sharpness at the edges

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