Swarovski Z6i 2-12 x 50 II SR 4A-I rifle scope optical

Graceful shape and a new feature is the improvement of the Z6 riflescopes with a sixfold increase, has excellent optical properties: practical mechanisms for the drum with a scale of amendments for optical sight.

And detuning from parallax make optimum use of the device, and the technology SWAROLIGHT with auto shut-off mode observations with the backlight increases the battery life.

Versatile in use – forest, field, and dusk

Swarovski Z6 second generation. Among the new solutions: a more compact backlight module, increase in increments of X6, the locking mechanism for the drum with the scale of the amendment, the detuning from parallax with fixation on the 100-meter mark, convenient adjustment ring on the zoom level, auto enable tilt sensor reticle with illumination optimized electronics of the device, extending the battery life, a 50% increase in field of view, 50% more zoom range, 19-50% more distance between the sight and the eye, etc.

The main advantages of optical sights Z6 and Z6i

– The world’s largest range a zoom (6-fold).
– The world’s largest field of view.Alignment of the crosshairs in the second image plane, and occurs increase only object of supervision, thus the size of the crosshairs remains the same.

It is a perfect coated optics for especially distant field sight with optimum clearness along the edges of the image.

– Alignment diopters.
– A rectangular range of installation of a viewfinder on all values, even on extreme positions of the setting range.
– Microstructure surface to prevent residual reflections inside the sight when backlit.
– Reliable protection from injuries when the impact due to the increase in
the distance from the eye at a distance of 95 mm, and the design, this distance is 120mm.
– High-precision adjustment of lines of a viewfinder and density of shooting even from the weapon of the big calibres.

Device installation a zero point without tools.

– An easy basic tube (it is offered with a guide rail

SR and without it).

– Rugged housing made of light metal, resistant to scratches coating.
– Absolute water resistance to depth of 4 m (0,4 bar).
– Delivered with a protective cap. Proposed solar lens hood for models Z6 1,7-10×42 & 2-12×50.
– Z6i: in the scope of delivery includes a battery for illuminating the crosshairs and the additional container for it.

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