Swarovski Z6i 3-18×50 P BT SR II 4A-1 (137000) optical sight

SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been designing and manufacturing precision optical instruments for consistently high quality glass processing. The company products are designed to meet the strictest quality standards and requirements to durability and strength, which enable their use by members of several generations.

Binoculars, telescopes, optronic instruments, scopes, rangefinders and system of infrared light when observing dim objects produced by the company SWAROVSKI OPTIK, loved and revered by professionals for its excellent precision, great optics, perfect ergonomics and durability. As a manufacturer of high-precision optical devices that meet the highest quality standards and providing unsurpassed comfort, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a leading global supplier of optics for hunting, nature viewing, bird watching and also for leisure and travel.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK products are successfully positioned on the global market in the premium segment because it meets the highest quality criteria, contains innovations and has beautiful design. Impeccable quality standards are complemented by a wide range of warranty and maintenance services, which significantly increases the degree of customer satisfaction.

A scope Swarovski Z6i Gen 2 3-18×50* P BT (Ballistic Turret system) bus SR with lighting.

18-fold increase clearly indicates the shooting at long range. With regard to the use of new lateral system layout parallax compensator and HD optics, this sight is indispensable when shooting at distant targets. 3-fold increase provides additional security due to the wide field of view.

Ballistic turret (Ballistic Turret) scale amendments will allow You the opportunity at any distance from the target to choose the correct aiming point. You can just adjust the sight under his arms and to introduce corrections depending on the type of used cartridge. Amendment persist regardless of the magnification.

Package contents:

Rifle scope Swarovski Z6i Gen 2 3-18×50* P BT (Ballistic Turret system) bus SR with illumination
2 battery
Protective caps for lens and eyepiece
Branded napkin Swarovski
Manual in Russian language

Magnification, x: 3-18
Diameter of objective lens, mm: 50
The diameter of the tube of the sight, mm: 30
Field of view at 100m, m: 13.3-2.2
The field of view, °: 7.6-1.3
Apparent field of view, °: 22.8
Exit pupil, mm: 9.5-2.8
The distance from the eyepiece to an eye, mm: 95
Twilight factor: 8.5-30
The illuminated reticle: Yes
Range of diopter correction: ±3D
Battery 3V, CR: 2032
The detuning from paralaks: 45-∞ m
Adjustment range vertical m/100m: 1.8-1
The range of adjustment horizontal m/100m: 1.8-1
The price of the 1st click of the mechanism of input of amendments, mm/100m: 5
Length, mm: 384
External diameter of lens, mm: 56
The external diameter of the eyepiece, mm: 45.5
Weight, g: 635
The operating temperature range, °C: -20…+55
Moisture protection: Yes
Filling with nitrogen/argon: Yes

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