Swarovski Z6i 5-30×50 P L 4A-1 (132500) optical sight

Z6i – the innovative line of rifle scopes from Swarovski, which since its introduction, has revolutionized the field of sighting devices.

The range of variation of the ratio has increased from the traditional 3-4 to 6 times, which significantly expanded the possibility of using optics for hunting. So, one new rifle scope Z6i, can replace several older models: at a minimum ratio it is optimal for driven hunts (wide field of view), and the maximum – for an accurate shot at medium and long distances (field, steppe, mountains).

Riflescopes Swarovski Z6i equipped with a fundamentally new backlight module reticle located above the eyepiece. In a single node combined two modes – night and day (64 brightness levels), which quickly included a special flag. Set the backlight mode can be saved in the instrument memory, while in memory is entered one day and one night mode. In other words, when you re-enable is automatically set latest mode. To save battery, set to auto-off the backlight (depending on the selected mode – 3 hours a day and 5 hours at night).

Swarovski Z6i riflescopes with large multiplicities, are additionally equipped with side drums detuning from parallax. In addition, as an option, the sight can be mounted on the drum vertical amendments BT adapts to the ballistics of any weapon.

To exclude injuries when impact weapons powerful calibers, rifle scopes Swarovski Z6i series have an increased distance between the eye and the eyepiece of the sight: of 95 mm and 120 mm (for model Z6i 1-6×24 EE).

Swarovski Z6i 5-30×50 is a special sight in the line of crystallized™, for precise shooting and shooting at long distances. In addition to the 30-fold increase at maximum, equipped with a mechanism of exclusion from parallax and optics HD.


Article: Z6-A42U6E33-0
Manufacturer: Swarovski
Model: Z6i 5-30×50 (1st generation)
The magnification (zoom): 5-30
Lens diameter, mm: 50
Exit pupil diameter, mm: 9,5 – 1,7
The removal of exit pupil, mm: 95
Twilight factor: from 14.1 to 38.7
The field of view on 100 m: 7.9 to 1,3
Price adjustments (1 click) at 100 m: 1 cm (mrad 0,1)
Supply of amendments 100 m (Vert./Gor.): 1.2 m/ 0.7 m
Adjustment parallax/ Focus adjustment: Yes
Correction diopter: -3 to +2
Type reticle BR-I
The illuminated reticle: Yes
The diameter of the rings/ seat: 30mm
Length/ dimensions: 398 mm
Weight: 640 g

Package contents:

Transparent protective cover;
battery to illuminate the reticle of the sight;
module with spare battery + spare battery;
key “coin” for the introduction of amendments.

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