Swarovski Z8I 2-16×50 SR P 4A-300-I rifle scope optical

Z8i 2-16×50 P SP backlit impressive field of view at 21 m and the possibility of a 16-fold increase during a hunt with stalking and hunting from the shelter and driven hunt.

In addition, due to the high svetoproekt this riflescope is great for use in low light conditions.

Large field of view shows all details necessary for the execution of the shots at long range. Z8i 2-16×50 P is an excellent multi-purpose scope for hunting with pursuit and hunting from the shelter and driven hunt.

Its optics with high clearness allows, even in low light and dusk to see the most important details to hit the target.

Increase 2-16x
Objective lens effective diameter (mm) 16,3-50
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 8,1-3,1
Distance exit pupil (mm) 95
Field of view (m/100 m) 21,0-2,6
Field of view (degrees) 12,0-1,5
Apparent field of view (degrees) 24
Correction of vision (diopter) from -3 to +2
Light transmittance (%) 93
The factor of twilight illumination according to ISO 14132-1 The 5.7-28,3
The value of the pitch correction (mm/100 m) 10
Max. adjusting vertical / horizontal (m/100 m) 1,5
Detuning parallax (m) 50-∞
The filter thread of the lens M 52 x 0,75
Length (mm) 356
Weight (g) 675
The diameter of the Central tube (mm) 30
Operating temperature range -20 °C to +55 °C
Storage temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
Integrity when submerged 4 m water depth (inert gas filling)
Backlight module
The brightness levels Twilight: 0 – 32 / Day: 33 – 64
Work time (h) Twilight factor at medium brightness: 1,400; daylight factor at medium brightness: 180

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