Swarovski Z8I 2.3-18×56 P L 4A-300-I rifle scope optical

New rifle scope Swarovski Z8i 2,3-18×56 P L backlight has a high light transmission. Ideal for hunting out of hiding at dusk.

18x magnification allows you to see all the details that are needed to execute accurate shots at long range. Installation on the tire brand SWAROVSKI OPTIK SR Rail allows easy and secure attachment.


The big range of change of magnification.

Clear and crisp images throughout the lens diameter.

High light transparency, excellent for use in low light conditions.

Large field of view shows all details necessary for the execution of the shots at long range.

Optics for professional and Amateur hunting.

Switchable illuminated reticle, the brightness control of the backlight in two modes-day/night.

Proprietary system SWAROLIGHT and SWAROCLEAN.

Technologically advanced and ergonomic design.

The sight is installed when Potosi mounting rings 30mm.

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Increase, Krat: 2.3-18x
  • Useful lens diameter, mm: 18,4-56
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm: 8,1-3,1
  • Distance of exit pupil, mm: 95
  • Field of view m at 100m: 18,6-2,3
  • The field of view, deg: a 10.6-1,3
  • Apparent field of view, deg: 24
  • Dioptinae settings, PTA +3 -2…
  • Light transmission, %: 93
  • Sumerechnyi factor of 6.5 to 31.8
  • Range of input of amendments vertical / horizontal, m on 100 m: 1,8/1
  • The value of the pitch correction, mm/100 m: 10
  • Detuning parallax, m: 50-∞
  • Length, mm: 364
  • Weight, kg: 0,725
  • The diameter of the mounting tube, mm: 30
  • Operating temperature, °C -20 to +55
  • Gas-Filled: Yes
  • Tightness in m: 4
  • The levels of illumination of the grid Twilight 0 – 32, Day 33 – 64
  • Operation time from one battery, hours: mode sumerechnoe average illumination 1,400; in the day the average illumination of 180
  • Country of origin: Austria

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