Victory V8 2,8-20х56 M(60) ASV optical sight

This compact sight is suitable for multiple hunting tasks and provides maximum accuracy at any distance. Comfortable viewing and intuitive control – the key to success on any hunt.

A large zoom range with parallax compensation makes this model an ideal partner in any situation – from shooting at a running animal and sea hunting to hunting at dusk on the blind.

The reticle 60 is lighter and finer in looks than the similar reticle 40. The posts only cover half the mesh 40, and the space between them – twice. Thus, it is perfect for accurate shots, with only minimum coverage of the game. Even at 12-times magnification and a target coverage only of 0.55 cm at 100 m You will have a good overview, thus You don’t miss even the smallest details. The illuminated dot is very bright and suitable for daytime hunting. Stepless brightness adjustment reticle allows its optimal use during night hunting.

Depending on the model scope grid can be in first or second focal plane.

LotuTec®: Yes
Water resistance: 400 mbar
Eye-relief: 95 mm
The diameter of the exit pupil: 9.9 mm-2.8 mm
Lens diameter: 62 mm
The eyepiece diameter: 46 mm
The average pipe diameter: 36 mm
Range of input of amendments, vertically 100 m: 310 cm
Range of input of amendments horizontally 100: 200 cm
Length: 350 mm
Nitrogen filling: Yes
Linear field of view at 100 m: 15.5 m-2.1 m
Weight: 830 g
Detuning parallax: 50-∞ m
Adjustment of diopter: +-3.5 | 2 dpt
Operating temperature: -25 | +50 °C
Twilight factor 7.9-33
Magnification: 2.8 x 20
Angular field of view: 8.9 °-1.2 °
The price of a click mechanism of input of amendments 100 m: 1 cm
The effective diameter of the lens: 27.5 mm-56 mm

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