Zeiss Victory HT 3-12*56(60) (115670) optical sight

With the brightest riflescope from Carl Zeiss, which is designed for night hunting from the blind and distant shots. His design uses SCHOTT HT glass, so it provides maximum luminosity during night hunting and allows you to see the object of hunting.

Optional ASV+, in combination with a large magnification makes it an ideal sight for long distance shots. Regardless of the distance and time of day, the success of the hunt You provided!

Reticle 60 illuminated

The reticle 60 is lighter and finer in looks than the similar reticle 40. The posts only cover half the mesh 40, and the space between them – twice. Thus, it is perfect for accurate shots, with only minimum coverage of the game. Even at 12-times magnification and a target coverage only of 0.55 cm at 100 m You will have a good overview, thus You don’t miss even the smallest details. The illuminated dot is very bright and suitable for daytime hunting. Stepless brightness adjustment reticle allows its optimal use during night hunting. Depending on the model scope grid can be in first or second focal plane.

Victory HT (HighTranmission) – new series of riflescopes Zeiss. This is a joint project and Zeiss Sport Optics Schott, one of the largest lens manufacturers in the world. Specifically for this model were developed lenses NT, which give the instrument high transmission of 95%. Furthermore, no firm in the world can use in their own devices lenses NT. What gives the hunter a value of 95%? It allows even longer to hunt in the dusk, prolonging the hunt and giving the arrow an extra chance on luck.

Main features:
  • Innovative optical concept

Hunting in the night was possible thanks to a revolutionary transmission in excess of 95%. Such a high result is achieved due to the innovative concept of optical system, which is an ideal combination of lenses, SCHOTT HT High Transmission with very high levels of light transmission, reticle technology that eliminates light losses, and multilayer anti-reflection coating T* from Carl Zeiss. VICTORY HT – a new standard sights premium.

  • The smallest and bright illuminated dot

The smallest and brightest and the most innovative sighting point in the world provides minimum target coverage and is always well marked. Due to the unique light guide and nanotechnology, the aiming point VICTORY HT maximum contour and bright, and infinitely variable intensity intuitive and accurate. The reticle is in second focal plane, so regardless of magnification, has the same dimensions.

  • Ergonomic design

The design of the VICTORY HT is designed for intuitive and precise control. It is worked out in detail, as evidenced by the illuminated point adjustment and set-up which is quick and easy using the clip on the left side of the sight. Practical rubberized surface provides comfortable retention of the optical device. Thus, the VICTORY HT is a new word in ergonomics.

  • Timeless elegance and compactness

Compact made with the new design of the VICTORY HT blends even with the most sophisticated weapons. The elongated shape of the eyepiece allows a low fit of the sight on the weapon, making both one. Easy matte black housing is extremely durable and refinement. New titanium ring on the eyepiece has been the hallmark of the VICTORY HT is a new word in the design of the sights.

  • The concept of long shots ASV+

ASV was continued in the new ASV+, which significantly improves the accuracy even with very large distances and provides intuitive thanks to a well-defined distance markings. Package includes a set of interchangeable ballistic rings of metal, which guarantees maximum ease of amendment. These rings correspond to the ballistic curves of almost all well-known calibers and types of cartridges and allow you to make accurate shots at distances up to 600 meters. ASV+ optional for these sights.

  • Tested coating LotuTec®

In any weather You will always clearly see the target. Coating LotuTec® ensures that water droplets immediately roll off the lenses, so during rain or snow You will always have an unobstructed view. Thanks to this protective coating of dirt and dust are easily removed without a trace from the surface of the lenses.

  • A variety of installation options for weapons

All models in this series can be installed on weapons with the proven bus or Zeiss 30-millimeter ring. Thus, there is hardly a weapon for which it would be impossible to install scopes ZEISS VICTORY HT.

Increase 3.0 x 12x
The effective diameter of the lens 44 mm-56 mm
Exit pupil diameter 14.9 mm-4.7 mm
Twilight factor 8.5-25.9
Field of view at 100 m 12.5 m-3.5 m
Angular field of view 7.2°-2°
Diopter adjustment +2/-4 dpt
The removal of the exit pupil 90 mm
The lack of parallax 100 m
Range standard setting 100 m 120 cm
Setting: one space per 100 m 1 cm
The diameter of the mid pipe 30 mm
The diameter of the eyepiece 42 mm
The diameter of the lens 62 mm
Lens coating LotuTec®/Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating
Sotoserena There
Water resistant 400 mbar
Operating temperature range -25/+50 °C
Length 347 mm
Weight 573 g

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