Zenit (Zenit) 1,5-6*42 optical sight

Optical sight Zenit (Zenit) 1.5-6×42 from the well-known Russian manufacturer due to the optimum increase in suitable for various types of hunting at short and medium distances.

Latest developments and experience of engineers allow to create truly reliable optical sight, not inferior to foreign equivalents. Also, we should note that the service life of the sight 20 years, 12 of which the manufacturer guarantees full functionality.

One of the features of optical sights Zenith (Zenit) allowing the use of all hunting rifles is a one-piece aluminum body made on precision equipment for the strength than similar models made on the basis of prefabricated housing. Also, we should note that the case diameter is 30 mm thanks to which the engineers were able to achieve a wide range of angular field of view from 14 to 7 deg. depending on the selected magnification.

Illumination of the aiming point in red color is well visible on any background. Brightness adjustment 11 modes, the first 6 modes are designed for hunting at twilight, while modes 7 through 11 it is better to use for hunting in the daytime. Powered by one CR2032 batteries, which You can find in any store.

Package contents:

  • Optical sight Zenit (Zenit) 1.5-6х42.
  • Cover.
  • Carton packaging.
  • The user’s manual.
  • The battery CR2032, 3V.
  • Cloth cleaning.

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