Choose an interesting gift for the fisherman

If accessories for fishing all just learned the necessary settings and went to the store, bought and donated, with the purchase of an artificial pond is much more complicated. Especially if this topic is new to You.

We painted the basic tips for buying an aquarium and are confident that if You adhere to them, the gift will last a very long time, and Your friend is a fisherman, be sure that You also know a lot about fish.

Gift for fisherman: Small VS large aquarium.

It is believed that the fish grows purely the size of the aquarium, so the more, the better. It is the very common mistake of beginner aquarists. On the discussion forums You will find many ads about the huge soms, which is not placed in the aquarium and given a gift.

Small aquariums are another headache. First, they will not be able to settle some species of fish (simply cannot survive in close quarters). Second, a tiny space, clutter is much easier than a big mansion. If You are targeting for the cost, it is better to choose the aquariums of medium size. So You save his friend, a fisherman from a lot of trouble with cleaning and shares a new fish.

Gift for fisherman: Say “No!” rush.

If You want it to be a surprise, plan it in advance. Not worth it for one day to buy an artificial reservoir, to throw in his equipment to give him the animals and then give to fisherman. Because fish in this case will live up to a week, and a pleasant impression of the gift will be blurred.

Fish need to buy at the last turn, when You test the equipment, poured into a soil, populate the aquarium algae. Only when You’re sure the system works like a clock, you have to think about buying fish.

Gift for the fisherman: the fish is not enough?

When counting the number of fish use the rule “1 cm body length fish 1 liter of water”. You need to measure the fish with the tail, about realizing how large it can grow. Don’t forget about fry.

Gift for the fisherman: don’t combine incompatible.

Fish differ in habits, complexity of the content, stress. Therefore, you can not buy many types at once, they settle in the aquarium and wait to see what the animals will feel good. About every view is meticulously ask the seller in shop, better check their specifications on their own. The friendliness of some of the fish is highly questionable: peaceful angelfish love to eat neons, and themselves skalyariy quiet biting barbs. Remember, fish only then you can “make friends” if you can’t each other to eat.

Gift for fisherman: Choose the filter carefully.

Usually future owners of artificial lakes prefer to buy filters cheap, less noisy and powerful. But there are cases when you should pay attention on this model:

  • You bought an impressive artificial lake and want to populate it lots of fish.
  • In the little aquarium plants.
  • In the pond to live fish that are often digging in the sand.
  • You have acquired a deep and narrow aquarium.
  • The water in the pond is poorly aerated.

Choosing the equipment for the aquarium, do not forget the following features: reliability, performance, design, principle of filtration. Additional hardware, cost and design is not less important parameters.

According to the principle of distinction filters ministrowie, irrigated, bottom, cascade, be Sure to check with your dealer on the subject of what equipment is more suitable in your case. If the aquarium few fish and many plants, pump filter in one hour 2 times to pump the entire volume of water in the aquarium. If a lot of fish and plants a little, the water should pass through the filter at least 4 times per hour. But remember that no, even the most powerful and advanced filtration system does not relieve You from having to change the water. The only way to rid the water from nitrates.

Gift for fisherman: Entourage.

When choosing a future environment in the reservoir, do not forget the basic rule: stylish doesn’t mean much. Minimalism when setting up an aquarium is more valuable. Buying a white ground, or the decor, know that they are white in the water will remain for long. And if the scenery can still be clean, the soil is nothing You can do.

Gift for the fisherman: the Epilogue.

This, of course, cannot be called a guide to action. But in the choice of gift and it should help. For an artificial pond of the concept of “beautiful” and “healthy” are almost synonymous. Take the time to read thematic literature, do not focus only on the opinion of the sellers (it is sometimes wrongly), find the information you need on the Internet and ask the experts to help You choose all the components of the aquarium.

And remember that surprise only be justified if You get to choose all the components of an artificial pond, competently and with knowledge of the matter.

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