Creates paintings and shoes made of fish skin

A resident of Ingushetia Akhmed Shadiev the world’s first established industrial technology for the production of shoes and accessories from waste processing.

Ahmed Shadiev the first in the world invented the technology of tanning the skin of a giant squid. For the past 14 years, he is developing methods of processing of skins of sea animals, turning them into materials with high consumer properties.

In 2011 he organized in Ingushetia, the first and the only Russian industrial enterprise on manufacture of fish skin with the brand and Shadi along with his partner Alexander Mishin owns a shop in Pyatigorsk, where sew a variety of fancy goods of leather salmon, carp, sturgeon, trout and carp.

“Fish skin is three times stronger than bullish. The skin of the squid as gold leaf, it can cover any material. Reptile to portray – expert can not distinguish. For example, cow’s leather with CROC-embossed and top with the squid. Usually, the thinner the skin, the “richer” it looks and squid is five times thinner than anything else that makes modern industry,” he says.

The far Eastern peoples for centuries made clothes and shoes from the waste of fishing. But the material they used, technically called skin is impossible. It’s raw, it’s just dried in the wind and crushed skins of sticks. Products of them can be washable, and soft they different.

Ingush businessman figured out how to fabricate fish skins so that material is consistent with contemporary standards expensive luxury leathers.

And most importantly – the first in the world developed for this is not artisanal, and industrial technology.

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