How to get a license for the storage and carrying of hunting weapons

In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated December 13, 1996 No. 150 “On Weapons”, any type of smooth-bore weapon is subject to mandatory licensing and registration.

Everything related to weapons should be carried out by conscientious and responsible citizens only within the framework of the current legislation. In cases of violation of applicable standards, problems may arise with the police.

This permission makes it possible to use for hunting and self-defense such types of smooth-bore objects as single-barreled and double-barreled shotguns, pistols, pump-action shotguns, sports weapons, revolvers and the like. All these types require compulsory licensing, including registration. Permission cannot be obtained in the absence of a license.

Resolution is of two types :

  1. storage of a hunting rifle without the right to carry it;
  2. for storage and carrying.

The first view makes it possible only to keep the gun at home. Its transportation is prohibited, with the exception of its export to sporting events.

Documents for hunting weapons in the second case allow how to store it and carry it with you. In addition, you can use the gun for specific, statutory purposes outside the home.

The photo shows a sample permit for storage and carrying weapons:

The procedure for the acquisition, storage and carrying of weapons is prescribed at the legislative level. Given that this area is serious and fraught with a significant share of danger, the control over all processes is with law enforcement agencies. The issuance of licenses (permits) for the acquisition of smooth-bore weapons and further accounting is carried out only by the police.

Before buying the selected type of weapon (smoothbore, hunting), you must obtain a license (special document) for the right to purchase, then you get the right permission to store and use.

Depending on the purpose and type of weapon, there are various rules for obtaining such permits (administrative regulations of the Russian Guard for issuing licenses). Before buying directly from the seller, check the necessary conditions.

How to get a document for purchase?

After you have chosen a type, for example, a smoothbore weapon, intended mainly for hunting or self-defense (BUT HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT HERE yet!), You need to contact the local police department, and specifically the licensing and licensing department, and apply for a license for purchase of hunting weapons.

According to the content in the application, there is a field for filling under the name “brand” – there you can indicate that it is planned to purchase a civil smooth-bore gun.

For each unit of guns, one license is issued. In total, they can be obtained in quantities of up to five pieces.
This is how the receipt of a license for the acquisition of weapons looks briefly.

Validity and renewability

The license for the purchase of smoothbore weapons is valid for six months . Is it possible to extend? If for the specified period of time for various reasons the opportunity to acquire weapons was not realized, the extension of the acquisition permit is allowed. To do this, you need to re-apply to the relevant law enforcement agencies.


An application for a permit for a hunting (smoothbore) gun must be submitted to the licensed police department at the place of your registration.

It will also be necessary to attach a package of documents to the application, which includes:

  1. Medical findings:
    • certificate from narcology;
    • certificate from a neuropsychiatric dispensary;
    • help form No. 046-1 (on the absence of contraindications).

    These certificates can not be obtained at any clinics, but only at institutions licensed to carry out expert medical activities. Ordinary district clinics are among them.

  2. Information about the courses taken to obtain knowledge on handling weapons. A certificate of successful passing the exam on the rules for storing, carrying and handling smooth-bore weapons is issued upon completion of special courses that will need to be taken at an accredited Training Center (training period is 3-4 months) .
  3. Hunting ticket – it confirms that the hunter has the appropriate knowledge on the use of weapons, knows the rules of hunting and owns safety equipment.
  4. Passport and its copy.
  5. Two 3 × 4 photos.

In order for the documents to be accepted into the work, it is necessary to pay the state fee.

Paper for the ability to store a firearm at home

How to get such permission?

A document for the ability to store a firearm at home is issued after :

  • studying personal biography;
  • checking for possible administrative and other violations;
  • inspection of the intended storage location.

There should be a safe or a metal cabinet that can be locked. Weapons must be stored in conditions ensuring their safety and security of storage. Access to it by unauthorized persons, including relatives, should be completely excluded.


Permission is issued for five years . At the expiration of the above period, the license can be extended without forgetting to collect the necessary documents. We recommend contacting the licensing department in advance (at least 3 months in advance), because if you forget about the renewal deadlines, you will be sent a fine.

How to renew and what documents will be needed? The process of renewing a license for smoothbore weapons is similar to the process of its initial acquisition, with the exception of one point. A certificate of training in the use of firearms is no longer provided. An extension of a permit is usually issued in one month.

If during the renewal of the license you find violations (more than two), then most likely you will be refused.

Responsibility for Absence

What responsibility awaits storage of smoothbore weapons without permission? In the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation there is no punishment for storing smooth-bore hunting weapons , in which case administrative responsibility will be applied.

In accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 20.8 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, the illegal (that is, without a license that has not yet expired) acquisition, sale, transfer, storage, transportation, or carrying of civilian smooth-bore firearms and firearms of limited destruction – shall be sanctioned by an administrative fine citizens in the amount of three thousand to five thousand rubles with confiscation of weapons and ammunition for it, or administrative arrest for a period of five to fifteen days with confiscation of weapons and ammunition for y.

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