How to make friends with a dog and a cat in the same house

“Like a dog with a cat” or “friends forever”? This article will surely help you figure out how to make your pupils.

There are people – bad cat owner, but there are just as hopeless lovers. And between these two groups of animal lovers often see discussions about which pupils it is better to have, who the two favorites kinder, wiser, gentler. Similar discussions can be attributed to the category of the eternal.

There are still people who do not wish to participate in such discussions for the reason that don’t belong to the cat owner, nor the dog lovers in equal measure they are and those and those.

Specifically about the third kind of people, and more precisely about their students, this article will be discussed.

The main stumbling blocks

As a truce, the owner must first offer something to both sides of the incident. Most often dog and cat in the home do not get along because of territorial conflicts. In order not to complicate the situation, it is necessary to delineate the space, however not physically, but functionally. To put a fence and closed doors should not be, because it is important to accustom the dog to the cat and Pets become friends, they should communicate.

To properly distribute the territory, it is recommended to follow these tips:

  1. The first thing should be divided dining area. Well, if you have the option to feed Pets in different rooms, because warring dogs and cats together is unlikely: or the dog will take food from the cat, or the cat will try to swipe a piece of dog bowls. And this is a serious pretext for the fight! If territory is limited, bowls for dog set on the floor, and the cat on the windowsill or countertop.
  2. The rules for the maintenance of cats and dogs in the same room to anticipate the delineation of recreational areas. To make this easy, because cats love to climb higher, and dogs, especially in the hot season, sleep on the floor. To make the cat feel safe, build high “tree” for climbing, put on the window sill Mat and decorate one of the walls of shelves with stairs that lead to the ceiling. If the dog bit the cat, then the last run in their “vault” and not try to fight back: the intelligent cats choose to stay away from the incident, as long as possible.
The battle for the attention of the owner

Almost everyone knows the phrase “the Cat walks by itself”. In this truth, believe many. Because the domestic cat is very gentle, never rises when you try to pet or cuddle, but now she rarely seeks attention from his master, preferring to do our own things. But most often this style of behavior in cats is to the point, while in the dwelling sits second four-legged pet – dog.

From that moment begins a fierce battle for the interest of all family members: the competition under the title “Who soon he reaches the door and meet the owners”. In the case when stroked or picked to handle one, then immediately start the rage by the second.

From time to time the situation has the opportunity to acquire and more sudden turns: cat, noticing that the dog walks, private desperate meow will be hard to demand that it also brought.

Those who intend to keep the dog and cat in the same room, you need to know about how jealous animals actually like small children close in age. Make it a rule to try to give equal attention to two students – thus, you will prevent the conflicts between them.


When you have a cat and a dog, you know how they eat:

  1. Even if they bowl completely filled with food, however, there is no hunger, they will not be there against their will, and leave it in the bowl. Only when you have the appetite, they return to their food.
  2. As for the dogs, attitude to food, they have something quite different: they will completely empty the bowl and even dare to ask for a Supplement.

While staying in one place with the dog, the cat needs to rebuild his gourmand habits: the return to eating throughout the day will not bring the desired result, because the dog, having eaten its own food, will start eating and portion cat.

Do not forget that dogs are not recommended gluttonize. Keeping in mind that if a set percentage of the cat food gets eaten by a dog. You need to ensure that all your Pets have been fed, however, do not overeat.

We should remember that dogs are terrible beggars, and quite often it is difficult for us to deny them this indulgence. In any case do not forget that there are specific breeds of dogs (e.g. Pekingese and pugs) that are not allowed to give sweets only specially designed for dogs.

Who will be the leader in the apartment?

The battle for leadership would, in any case. Rather than “leader” be established, the sooner there will be peace. The task of the host is to explain to the dog that the cat is higher on the ladder of hierarchy. Why this way and not differently? First, most often, the cat from the beginning, allowed almost all prohibited dog (wandering the tables, climb on the window sills, defecating in the apartment).

Second, any rules regarding the content of cats and dogs in one house must be based on the instincts of these animals.

Dogs are social animals that know how to be submissive, as the inside of the pack, the incidents are inevitable, and someone has to concede. Cats by nature do not understand that such obedience. They avoid the incident for obvious reasons: if a scuffle ensued, go to the end, because the loser, awaiting death or exile. For the reason that can reconcile a cat with a dog is easier in the case when the mustachioed Princess understands his advantage. To begin it is necessary from the dog, which without emotional experiences takes a subordinate condition.

Education through play

To turn upside down the meaning of the idiom “be like a cat with a dog” will promote the General gatherings and active fun, which involved all members of the home “pack” – and the two-legged and four-legged. Maybe at first a resounding “fuss” will have the cat does not like. However, after some time, watching the fun game, the cat will succumb to curiosity and excitement, of course, if the owner will occasionally draw the kitten’s attention, urging her to join the game enticing teaser or appetizing piece).

When during the game the dog bit the kitten, the fun stops with the word “no” and a gentle flick on the nose. Then you need to get up and go out, showing indignation. To shout and raise a hand to the dog is prohibited in the state of panic she can’t learn the lesson and make the necessary conclusions. When the cat attacked the dog – we must act the same method. You should not take any side, sparing the “victim”. The owners often make this mistake: take the “victim” dog, pity him and talking with him compassionately, immediately shouting and scolding the “guilty”.

What rules should be followed when the content in the same dog house and kitty

How to make a cat with a dog? In fact, it is not so difficult, but you must follow these guidelines:

  • In case, if you do not have no animal, however, you wish to have two, the first thing you should take a kitten and a puppy, not a Mature animal.
  • In this case, they will be easier to get used to each other, and neither one of them will not attend the feeling that the apartment was given to someone else.
  • If you still have a Mature cat or a dog, you should not immediately think that they will not accept each other. It may happen that your pet will relate to the new graduate like a kitten or puppy will be all sorts of ways to take care of him and play with him.
  • If you notice your own dog / own a cat increased aggression, think again before acquiring a new pet.
  • When the animals are in any degree manifest anger, jealousy toward owners, aggression toward other animals, then you should think carefully before you get another pet, because you can endanger the health and life of a new animal.
  • In case you doubt that you will be able to give the same love and attention to two students, then you should wait to have a second pet.
  • Don’t forget that cats and dogs is incredibly perceptive animals, who immediately will see the changes in amount of outgoing attention from the owner. They need love, affection and care, and when one of the two will feel that other are paying attention at least a little more, it has the ability to provoke aggression and hostility to another animal.
  • You need to closely monitor the reaction of two Pets. Study some books about raising cats and dogs, study their behavior and reactions. The reaction can be completely different, for example, a dog wags its tail in that case, when he was something or someone like a cat tend to swing the tail, when, on the contrary, are not satisfied with something. When you advance learn information about such manifestations of animals, this will surely help you to determine their mood, where they are, and most importantly – how they are set up at a particular time relative to each other.[embedded content]
  • You can’t stay away. Especially in the beginning when your students are just beginning to know each other. In any case can not let it go. Try to bring them closer: invent games that will be able to participate immediately, two animals, bring on the cat walk when you walk the dog or just sit with the pupils on the couch and watch some interesting film.

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