The history of fishing from ancient times to the present day

As long as mankind exists, so much time people are engaged in fishing. And, along with the evolution of society, developed ways of catching fish.

Life does not stand still, and every day introduce new advanced technologies allow you to try fishers-fans various options for catching underwater creatures.

As this occurred in the antediluvian time

First of all, we should say that fishing the ancient people were considered solely as the production of food (at that time, people did not think about the aesthetic pleasure from the process of fishing).

The fish were caught with throwing primitive spears and stones. In shallow water deafening clubs. With the development of people began to catch her using the spear. At the same time began to use the first fishing rod (the thin stick was attached to the thread (or woven horse hair), at the end of which is secured a hook carved from bone, which skewer the bait).

In order to catch large amount of fish people began to obmesti ponds, as well as to practice fishing net. Thus, it was possible to get as a lot of fish.

The emergence of recreational fishing

With the development of fishing on a commercial basis for many, fishing was just a hobby. Yes, some people still consider fishing as a fish for dinner, but such is becoming less.

In the mid-twentieth century bamboo rods are much lighter, with a variety of options for fishing line, floats and sinkers, people buy spinning rods for casting long distances, were made lures for catching predatory fish. Yes, it was a step forward, but far from what is at hand at fishers today.

Modern sport fishing

Used today tools and techniques of fishing allow you to catch a lot of fish of different sizes, ranging from perch and ruffe, and ending with pike and catfish. Modern technology gives the angler various options of rods, lures and other accessories, making the process of catching how effective, and so interesting.

Of the rod. Today produces a large number of tents that are much lighter and stronger. There are various options for a catch “mixed” fish, fishing different methods (jigging, twitching, trolling, outlet leash, etc.) and universal rods. The product is very plastic and functional (easy to do the cast, the wiring and to pull the fish). Offers various types of rods for flyfishing.

Bait. If you had used live bait (bloodworms, small fish), today offering anglers a variety of soft lures perfectly mimic the movement of fish. Models are available all of sizes and colorings.

Electronic means of tracking. Manufactured underwater camera (videojockey) allow one hundred percent know the situation under water. With their help, no problem, you can see the bottom relief, vegetation and, most importantly, to determine whether there are fish in the desired place. This is an excellent companion for ice fishing.

In addition, fishing enthusiasts acquire devices for accurate casting of additional forage, simulators bloodworms, mixed fodder for all kinds of fish, etc.

In General, today the fishermen equipped with everything necessary for effective fishing and pleasure from the process of luring fish.

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