The most dangerous snakes

Dangerous animals in the world a lot. But there are among the fauna such that is found on five continents (not only in Antarctica).

Talking about snakes. Among them, most poisonous, but the animals represent a danger to humans so much toxin that more than compensate for quantity with quality.

Philippine Cobra – the fifth place

Talking about one of the varieties of Philippine. Unlike their counterparts, which in principle at particular risk are no different, very aggressive. The antidote must be entered no later than 30 minutes because after this time you will die. And this despite the fact that there is an antidote for a long time. The reason for the high mortality – paralysis of the respiratory system, which stop at times fails.

The list of the most dangerous snakes fall deservedly so, because:

  1. Possess strong poison (the Cobra is the most toxic);
  2. One-time injected dose up to 250 mg;
  3. Can not only bite, but are trying to spit in the eye from a distance of up to 3 meters.
Black Mamba – fourth place

The black Mamba is trying to get away from the menace, becoming dangerous only in a desperate situation. Body length (up to 3 m) and the number of produced poison (repeated attack victim is able to produce it 400 mg) can also be attributed to the criteria characterizing as one of the most dangerous snakes. The antidote should have time to enter for the first 20 minutes after the attack.

Angry reptile:

  1. Speeds up to 11 km/h – the main quality that falls into one of the most dangerous snakes;
  2. Stalking the victim and attacked over and over again.

The locals (habitat – southern and East Africa) called the bite of the black Mamba’s “kiss of death”.

The Malaysian krait is third place

On the third place ranking reptile crawled in the first place for the contents of the poison. Toxins in it is so diverse that it is difficult to find the antidote. In addition, the danger lies in the fact that I love kraits dry places, that’s why you can meet them often.

The teeth of this species of snake is small, but able to bite through light clothing, which is typical for the region of their habitat.

Inhabitant of Indonesia and Malaysia, characterized by:

  1. A variety of toxins in the venom;
  2. Bad character;
  3. Agility and mobility.

Positive aspects krait you can call them a bright color (not to notice in the house or yard difficult) and nocturnal, which reduces the number of meetings.

Second place – Mulga

Mulga or brown king

Another representative of the Australian fauna. Attack of the brown king (also styled the snake Mulga) may well for no apparent reason. Habits of Mulgi different. Snake can rush and chase if angry with something, but most often takes one shot. If the attempt is successful, sinks its teeth into the victim and holds for a while. The toxicity of the poison is not too high. Here a great role plays the fact that he enters the body of the victim constantly, until Mulga holds the teeth. Dose single bite – up to 150 ml, and it increases, until the snake will not miss the prey.

In the second place the reptile was placed for:

  1. Heavy aggressive nature;
  2. Rather big dimensions (up to 3M)
  3. The amount of poison at a time.

The best option when the incident rendezvous – freeze, as Mulga reacts to movement.

The most dangerous snake in the world Taipan

Divide the first, second and third place on the danger is difficult, but certainly in the three “winners” will find a place to Taipan. The main habitat is Australia. The venom of the Taipan has a nerve effect, affects blood clotting, which contributes to the appearance of blood clots and blockages of their vessels. When attacking reptile in the body gets from 120 to 400 mg of toxic substances, therefore if not to assist, within 4-12 hours we will have a lethal outcome. Mortality is high – up to 50% of cases the victim is unable to save.

The title of one of the most dangerous snakes deserve for:

  1. Teeth length of 13 mm;
  2. Potent poison;
  3. Quick response and agility;
  4. The dimensions of the body.

Leads the snake is diurnal, which increases the chances of meeting her. Taipan is aggressive, and he assesses the threat. Enough for him to decide that from someone the danger comes, as it follows several consecutive shots of a reptile. The largest number of victims recorded in the Australian state of Queensland.

Snakes inhabit all continents,but the most dangerous are found in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa. It is worth to avoid encounters with Taipan, mulgoa, Malayan krait, black Mamba and the Philippine Cobra. However, with other reptiles rendezvous may not be very pleasant, so on a better venom not to test.

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