Wearable DVR protection movement

Among the highly effective devices for video surveillance systems in motion leading place is occupied by portable recorders. These devices are quite functional, are Autonomous and can be attached to any mobile items or even clothes.

Portable DVRs are designed for fixing information in a complex environment, where possible the use of conventional, stationary video cameras. Tiny technical devices can be easily carry in pocket or bag.

This category of registrars is called wearable because it’s very fast and convenient to move.

Among the leading advantages of high-tech videopreview worth noting:

  • compact size;
  • mobility;
  • functionality;
  • convenient to use.
Basic principles of devices

Mini DVRs – this is a specialized equipment, which consists of two separate elements interconnected among themselves, namely:

  • directly camera module;
  • unit, processing the information.

These two components are interconnected with a cable, whose length is about one meter. For ease of use the unit can be fixed on the belt, and mini-video – camera- on garment, hat or bag. The camera module, and video information is made of heavy-duty fabric that allows you to use specialized equipment in almost any conditions.

Manufacturers also took care of the lens of the camera. It is made of durable material that can withstand even a direct hit on a hard surface. All the external elements of configuration management are hidden under the body, so invisible to others.

Portable recorder is used in the following areas:

  • in service special purpose;
  • to record the jumps of the parachute;
  • to work stunt;
  • police, emergency and fire service.
Technical features

In portable devices uses lithium batteries, which allow you to record video for more than 12 hours in a row. To ensure reliable protection of data and the handheld recorder, the producers added a few modern levels of protection. This approach allows to reliably protect recorded information from unauthorized use. The streams that writes to the logger are saved in the AVI format that allows you to record three-dimensional information in good quality. The angle of the registrars is about 130 degrees.

Almost all models are equipped with infrared sensors that are recording without additional illumination in various weather conditions and also in the dark. Wearable DVR, depending on model, can be equipped with built-in memory and external connectors through which you can connect removable media.

Such a portable and functional video recorder – best gift for New year for friends or colleagues.

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