What do you call a hamster a boy and a girl

Hamsters are incredibly cute Pets who do not take up lots of space, do not require special and meticulous care, but take all your family members great joy. There came a day when pet purchased.

Read a lot of articles on caring for pet hamsters and revised hundreds of videos about the content Homa at home. There is only one important point to choose the name of your beloved pet that will approach it in character and to match the appearance of the beloved animal.

Before you choose a nickname the animal, you need to carefully look at his behavior, temperament and the appearance and it will help to choose the most appropriate name.

How to call hamster boy?

  • Nickname hamster-boy is easy , you can choose the color of the coat. For example, red may consider the names: the Light, Fox, Orange Fox, red. Homa with a gray tint coat, you can give the name of gray Smoke. The white beast may well be Snow, Milk or Belchenko. Black respectively black or Charcoal.
  • Else can select it according to the exterior, for example: Fluff, Little, Donut, Sandwich, Slim Bagel.
  • Active and fast a hamster can be a Diesel engine, a Zippy, Turbo, speedy, Crazy.
  • Perfect for small animal and human names, for example: Phil, Garik, Alexander, Senya, Fyodor. There is already the options are endless.
  • Owners with a good imagination to call their Pets after famous personalities. Example: trump, Caesar, Tyson, Roy, Barack, etc.
  • To call his home by the Count, Prince or Baron will also not usual.
  • In fact, names for hamsters are a lot of cooks, Marvel, Tom, Baby, Hedgehog, Jean, Zorro, Martin, Mitya, Twix, Ford, Fima, Chan, Yasha.

In General, the name of the hamster depends entirely on how well developed imagination and its owner.

What do you call a hamster girl
  • Hamster-girl important good food and the cleanliness of the housein which she lives. If all these conditions are met, the home will be happy with any name that will give your favorite host. Therefore, the name should like, first of all, the owner of fluffy. A great nickname for homyachihi may be the Bun. This name is perfectly suited and well-fed baby. A bead can you call a creature with expressive eyes like beads. You can be creative and name your hamster with Whiskers in honor of a most ardent enemy. Frankly, we all know that the hamster couldn’t care less what his name is. Therefore, the consent of the person to ask.
  • If the owner of a hamster – a little girl, she will surely enjoy names such as: bubbles, Tiny, lolita, Barbie, Musya, and so on. It may well be that the girl will want to call your pet or even Baby Winx. There are many options, you can use any favorite cartoon character.
  • Active, hardworking female hamster would be the name of the Maya.
  • Glutton can be called Georgette, Marshmallow, Candy.
  • If the pet likes to rest, then a girl called Sonia, Spluga.
Alphabet names for hamsters

For those who still have not decided on a name, we give for convenience the names for hamsters in alphabetical order

Hamster names for girls

A: Ah, Anka, Aza, Alka, Anfiska.

B: Bull, Busia, Baby, Bonnie, Bella.

Q: Wally, Winnie, Vitaminka, Vanilla.

G: Galya, Gabby, Sweet Pea, Gita, Gadget, Grammy.

D: Donnie, Jesse, Dipsy, Darling, King.

E: Eve, New, Ezhevichka, Herringbone.

W: Joan, Josie, Jasmine, Jelly, Susan.

Z: Zina, Suhl, Zaya, Zefirka, Zoe.

And: Butterscotch, The UIS, Il, Izi.

To: Conti, Though, Cusa, Kitty, Christy.

L: Luba, Lucy, Lucky, Lala, Leena, Lama, Paw, Playful, Gourmand, Boo, Lariska.

M: Musya, Manya, Musica, MOSI, Jellybean, Mouse, Pug, Molly, Merry.

N: Nona, NUS, Nori, Nika, Cutie, Naska, Nezhka.

On: Olive, Odie, Oska, Olka.

P: Squishy, Fatty, Princess, Baby Cakes, Peppa.

R: Roxy, Ronnie, Rita, Rima, Chamomile, Rose, Steering.

With: Sonja, SIL, SIM, Stella, Beyonce, Sol’ka, Sarah.

T: Tonya, Tosya, Tim, Tom, Torri.

From: Ultrasound, Umka, UHL, UNL.

F: Fania, Trixi, Pistachio, Butyrka.

X: Home, Chord, Haley, Holly.

C: CEM, Flail, Swell, Flower, CEMCA.

H Miracle, Chelsea, Chucha.

W: Alex, Shush, Shiz, Somka, Shindi.

E: Annie, Elsa, Emma, Esmeralda Ale.

Yu: Of Uzi, Yuka, Yula.

I: Janka, Yali.

Hamster names boys

A: Albert, Arnie, Ali, Albic, Mayor, Ashot.

B: Bob, Bunny, Barney, Beat, Bonia, Ball, Biddy.

In: Winnie, Wally, Viper, Wolf, Cog, VA.

G: Gosh, Gregory, Guy, Peas, Grunya, Greek.

D: DemAs, Donny, Jackie, Joe, Smokey, Dick.

E: Eesha, EMI, Enja.

W: George, Jean, Genet, Jean, Bug.

Z: Zorro, Zaya, Zumba.

And Igor, Izi.

To: Kohl’s, Horses, Kostya, Kir, Cupcake, Kuzma.

L: Lure, Lim, Lord, Lapik.

M: Masik, Max, Muni, Baby, Moishe, Marvel.

N: Nick, Nasik, Nose, NATICK.

About: Oduvan, Austin, Olic Osik.

P: Hon, Peter, Punk, Tubby.

R: Roma, Roger, Richie, Ramzik, Rafael, Rostik.

From: Catfish, Sam, Senya, Steve, Samson.

T: Timokha, Teddy, Top, Turbo.

From: Umka, Urca, Vinegar.

F: Thomas, Fania, Fyodor, Fox.

X: Homa, Bread, Hipster, Hom-Homic.

C: Caesar, The King, Camic.

H: Celentano, Cherry, Chan, Chuck, Charlie.

W: Sean Ball, Shura, Shakespeare.

A: Andrew, Edward, Eli, Edgar.

Yu: Yulik, Yippie, Uzi.

I: Ian, Yasha, Jaguar.

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