A cat can live without water and food

Gentle humming came out strongly in human life. They became members of the family, so if the animal is having a hunger strike, many wonder on how much a cat can live without food.

Also owners often wonder why she doesn’t have as much as a cat can live without water how to fix such a situation and whether there are dangerous consequences to pet’s health.

The reasons for the refusal of the animal from food or water

The most unusual factor of failure from cat food is a voluntary hunger strike with the aim of self-purification. Veterinarians have repeatedly expressed the opinion that the animal might feel the need to temporarily refuse food. In this case, without eating cat do not sit long, they usually start eating after 1-2 days.

We should not rely on this reason if a pet has stopped eating for self-purification, he remains calm, his behavior is normal, and signs of distress are absent.

Besides there are several other reasons why an animal refuses to eat:

  1. Strong stress. This can be a move, a trip to the vet, the arrival of a large number of guests, fear and several other factors.
  2. A sharp change in the diet. New food or feed must be entered in cat food gradually. Experts recommend to stretch the process of change fodder, at least for a week. Otherwise, the animal may refuse to eat.
  3. Bright changing climatic conditions. This usually applies to heat, when sudden warming cat or cat refuse to eat because of a simple reluctance to eat. The animal only enough water during this period.
  4. The mistreatment of animals. Often cats refuse food after the owner yell at the animal or try to hit him for any mistake. How much food refusal will go on at the time depends on the nature of the pet.
  5. Activation of the sexual instinct. Cats in heat and it may refuse to eat because of the unsatisfied instinct of reproduction. This is a normal process, in this period, the animal just enough water.
  6. Broken or hot food. The primary burn the cat when eating can cause sustained reluctance of eating from a particular bowl. Pet is afraid that the food from this cookware again hurt him. With spoiled food, everything is clear without comment.
  7. Physical ailment due to an emerging disease. Almost any disease and Pets refuse to eat. This is normal, but it requires visiting the doctor for timely treatment of the underlying disease.

Of all these reasons only 7 requires quick reaction of the owner. Also should pay attention to the 1 and 4 factors of rejection of food. In other cases, the status of the pet should not cause panic, their behaviour is normally only required to eliminate the negative factors or to wait out the time of exacerbation feline instincts. Still need to consider rare, but possible, causes of eating disorders in Pets.

Rare causes of refusal to eat

To suspect the influence of these factors is that if an animal goes without food, but does not submit any signs of discomfort, while maintaining good health.

Such reasons are 3:

  1. The nature of the pet.
  2. Third-party source of food.
  3. The aggravation of hunting instincts.

The last 2 paragraphs can be combined into one, the cat already ate. In one case, pet hunts birds and mice in the other – eat somewhere outside the house. If the animal just takes the character, it may refuse food just because of the fact that he was banned to sleep on the table or sharpening claws on the door jamb. Such ostentatious hunger strike doesn’t last long, but don’t go on about the pet, you just need to wait. If we are talking about the refusal to drink is more dangerous.

Life-threatening failure from drinking

The body cats, like any mammal, contains a large amount of water. Refusal drinking can indicate serious stress, the malaise of the animal or unsuitability of water. A cat can live without water? Doctors say that no more than 2 days. Actually it depends on the condition of the animal, its weight, breed, temperature of the environment.

Water is more important to the life of a cat, the rejection of the drink already in the day can seriously harm the health of the animal. If you have to go to live with an animal in a hot region, then the owner should be well developed habit to observe the drinking of water with his pet.

How long can a cat go without food?

Question: how long cat survive without food rarely ask owners before the hunger strike, cat. Do not be scared – cats do without food for a week. If the animal is not 1-2 days, then it should not cause panic in good health of the pet. There are cases when cats survive without food for a month.

Rule 1-2 days without panic for 3 categories of animals:

  • kittens;
  • cats over 8 years;
  • weakened Pets.

The criticality of eating kittens, age or weakened animals

How much will shared with the kitten without food is a very different time. The smallest can last 12 hours. It is important to remember that for them food and water. The deadline for the survival of newborn kittens marked 20 hours without food. Animals 1-2 months old can survive without food for up to 2 days.

Pets after the disease also require close attention, particularly if the illness has caused exhaustion. For them, the period of refusal of food must not be more than a day. The longer the hunger strike requires a consultation with a doctor.

For animals older than 8 years also their terms. How much will a cat live without food? Doctors suggest a period of 3-5 days. Again, this depends on the initial health status of the pet. In any case, age of cats, as kittens, you need to pay more attention to the refusal of food and water.

Necessary measures to save the lives of cats

If it is noticed that the animal is not eating or not drinking, you should try to determine the cause. Kittens must drink milk from a syringe (without the needle) every few hours. The rejection of a water animal of any age also requires special attention. If it’s been more than a day, you should drink pet from the syringe and immediately show the vet.

For animals from six months to 8 years period of giving up food for a day should not cause panic. If the animal feels good, it is enough to carefully examine the possible causes of refusal to eat and eliminate probable negative factors. The apparent sickness of a pet requires medical attention after hours. Especially if the cat doesn’t want to drink.

One of the ways to test pet is to treat it with delicacy. From favorite foods cats rarely refuse, at least a little, but I’ll try in the case of well-being. It is also possible increase the number of treats for the return of the animal appetite.

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