A cat is carrying kittens, how long is the pregnancy

In the life of almost every cat and its owner there comes a special period of pregnancy. When the pet is an interesting situation, owners are trying to surround her with care, affection and to provide favorable and comfortable conditions, essential to carrying a healthy little kittens.

The owners of furry ladies definitely should know, how to improve pregnancy as her time to identify and have basic information about the maintenance and feeding of the animals responsible for her period.

When it comes to sexual maturity

The ability to conceive and bear offspring cat needs to hit puberty. By that time she will produce eggs that can lead to pregnancy, and male sperm.

The age of achieving physiological maturity in cats occurs in different ways, it may depend on such reasons:

  • The conditions of detention.
  • The individual characteristics of the organism of a particular species.
  • Food – quality, quantity. The content in food is necessary for development of vitamins and minerals.
  • Breed.

Sexual maturity occurs about the seventh to tenth month of life. Depending on the breed of the animal it may occur earlier or later. Eastern cats are related to such breeds as the Balinese, Siamese, Seychellois, the Peterbald is considered to be early-ripening. A different large physique, for example, the Scottish fold and straight, the Maine Coon, the British were late maturing.Also there is a dependence of physiological maturity the time of year that animal was born. Winter kittens ready to breed much later than their summer counterparts.

Physiological maturity is not as important as the physical, which comes much later. It needs to be able to carry and give birth to a strong, well-developed and healthy offspring.Professional breeders never are mating earlier than fourteen months after the birth of cats. This is done to the body of the animal is fully formed and matured, to be able to play birth to healthy kittens and uncomplicated to postpone pregnancy.

What you need to know about pregnancy in cats

The period from the moment of conception until the birth is called pregnancy. It lasts approximately nine weeks (average 65 days). Of course, to give an exact time, unfortunately, fail, as they directly depend on the breed, age and number of embryos.

When the cat is one or two kittens, the birth come much sooner than if she waited three or more. But as a rule, kittens whose birth occurred earlier than sixty days after conception, get very weak and do not survive or grow sick.So as not to cause premature birth or, conversely, not to delay their attack – do not irritate your pet at the last month of pregnancy, eliminate a stressful situation and any physical activity.

If, after seventy days after conception, the cat is still not lambing urgently contact your veterinarian.To determine whether there has come the conception of the female quite difficult early on. Visual changes in the animal invisible, and laboratory tests to confirm the pregnancy in the first few weeks just don’t exist yet.

With the help of certain characteristics to try to determine ourselves whether the cat is in an interesting position or not.

  • Activity changes. She became less mobile and he sleeps a lot, looks weak and tired.
  • Poor health. Within a few weeks from the moment of conception , the pet may feel sick and vomit.
  • Change of appetite. The animal can ravenously devour more food than before or, on the contrary, some time to abandon the food.
  • On the third week after conception the nipples of a pregnant cat pinking up.
  • A change of behavior. Favorite may become more affectionate, or, conversely, aggressive and nervous.
  • The change in body weight. The cat started to gain weight.
  • At the thirty-fifth to the fortieth day (5-6 week) belly significantly increases.
  • Two weeks before birth, the animal begins to explore the quiet corners in the apartment. Climbing in cabinets, under the furniture. She is in search of a suitable place to give birth.

In the normal course of pregnancy, the cat usually behaves the same as always. Only change appetite and sleep time in a big way. Also, if the kitty likes to spend time outdoors it will do it much less and spend more time at home. Accurately confirm or deny the pregnancy can only a veterinarian. On the twentieth day from the onset of conception, a veterinarian by palpation can also detect the position of the cat or not.

This method can only be used before the twenty-third day after conception since the uterus is filled with water and the feeling will not give any results. In this case, to determine pregnancy and to monitor its flow will be possible only with the help of ultrasound.Before breeding it is recommended to take the cat for a checkup at the veterinary clinic. The vet will be able to provide complete information on the physical form and the health of the animal, and to identify diseases, disorders, injuries or lack of vitamins and minerals that can prevent the favorite to reproduce healthy offspring and it is easy to postpone pregnancy and childbirth.

Before pairing the female with the male should cure the cat of all illness and carry out treatment against various parasites. During pregnancy it is forbidden to take medicines for worms, fleas and other diseases.Treatment to the veterinarian after the cat Okolitsa will be useful too. The specialist will be able to determine the health of the animal and its offspring, give care tips and it is possible to perform any necessary procedures if the health of the mother or kittens are threatened.

Care for a pregnant cat

A pregnant cat does not need special care, only need to give it more time and monitor her health.

Tips on caring for a pregnant cat:

  1. Don’t need to bathe a cat during pregnancy, if that is her nervous or irritating. If the cat is comfortable with the wash or it gives her pleasure, then such a procedure can be carried out while the favorite in the position, but with the utmost care and caution.
  2. Don’t let her climb too high. In this state the cat is clumsy and has a fast response as usual. It can stumble, slip and fall. And it will adversely affect the health of the cat and its litter or severely injure the animal.
  3. The cat needs to move periodically, immobility threatens to lower muscle tone, and this has a negative impact in childbirth.
  4. Do not give the cat any medications and vitamin supplements, if their application has not been agreed with the doctor. Pregnant the body of the animal unstable and it is not known how the adoption of such medicines will affect his health.
  5. Limit the cat to spending time outside. In this state she is unable to stand up for themselves and defend themselves in case of attack another animal or even people.
  6. Keep track of time of pregnancy, if the cat did not give birth after seventy days after conception immediately contact your veterinarian.
  7. If you have animals, don’t let them pester or hurt the favorite.
  8. Follow her nutrition. Food should be enough and the cat and for the maintenance of life of the offspring. Nutrition should be balanced to contain the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. This is particularly necessary in this period.
How many months a cat is carrying kittens

All owners furry lady interested in the question “How long a cat is carrying kittens?”. Cat’s pregnancy lasts about two months. How long cat carry kittens it is impossible to say because it is influenced by many factors. Such as age of the mother, breed, number of previous pregnancies. On average, this period ranges from sixty-three to seventy days from the moment of conception.If your pet lambing earlier than sixty days after the onset of pregnancy is very bad.

Kittens are born weak and may not survive. Long delivery date also indicates some problems. If the cat is still not delivered even after expiration of the seventieth day after conception need urgent intervention of a veterinarian.In any case, not worth it to upset and afflicted, premature and post-Mature kittens with proper care and under the supervision of a specialist will likely be able to survive.

And grow up healthy, big and intelligent cats.If you take good care of your pet during pregnancy, provide necessary nutrition and guard against unnecessary stress – she will give birth to a strong, beautiful kittens that will delight you at first, and then will bring joy to new owners.

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