Accustom the kitten to the tray

When the house comes a cat, this is a very joyous and wonderful event, but pojava a small animal will require from the owner a lot of care, time and responsibility.

After all, if you don’t teach little friend to walk and to celebrate the need in the tray, then around the apartment you will find small puddles, which are not very pleasant smell.

So this problem of how to teach a kitten to the tray, there is each person, who decided to have a little fluffy. To solve it, you will need to stock up on perseverance and great patience, if you do, you will get rid of such problems easily and quickly.

Accustom the kitten to the tray
The choice of tray for cats

The cat is not accustomed to order, to the moment when it will not have a permanent place where she can walk to defecate and urinate. The key to the success accustom the cat to the toilet will be the correct pan and filling it.

If you visit any pet shop, you will be amazed by the variety of selection of toilets for cats. Standard all trays are divided into two types: open and closed. But each species has so many varieties and it depends on the size and price.

Tray plastic

Such toilets often have a rectangular shape and low sides.


  • Reasonable price, it is available for almost everyone.
  • It is very easy to change the filler.
  • Its no problem to wash.
  • It is moderately compact and easily transported.


  • Often the filler that it is, is on the ground.
  • From this toilet smell quickly disperses throughout the apartment.
  • It can only be used with a filler.

Plastic with mesh

The usual plastic, is put on a grid, which allows cat urine to drain to the bottom of the tray.


  • They can be used without fillers.
  • Converge in a tray with a grid, the cat can’t get dirty.
  • For it is very easy to maintain.


  • Quickly spread the smell.
  • It must be very frequently washed.
  • The cat is unable to go through it, and that they love.

Plastic with high sides and a removable film

The sides of this tray are included in the kit and have auxiliary fasteners. Still included is the film that changes when the cat go to the toilet.


  • Since the pan has edges, the filler will stay, and not throw.
  • It’s easy and quick to clean.
  • Does not require very frequent cleaning.


  • It is big.
  • It takes a lot of space.
The tray, which has a filtration system

This tray is similar to a simple grid, but the grid in it a little smaller. The filler on the net. When the cat is digging in the sand, it stays on top and won’t Wake up.


  • Suitable for cats who love to dig in the sand.
  • It does not need to connect to water and sewage.
  • You need to clean up not very often.
  • With it, you’ll save filler.


  • An unpleasant smell may appear if rarely wash the tray.
  • It is necessary to remove independently.
  • Possible precipitation of filler on the floor.
The tray where there is ventilation

The kit includes a tray, which has a special otvetstven, where the circulation of air.


  • Very fast drying filler.
  • The rare occurrence of an unpleasant smell.
  • No need to connect to water and sewer pipe.
  • The cat can dig in the litter.
  • You can wash infrequently.
  • This tray is spared the filler.


  • The price is quite high.
  • You need to remove yourself.
  • The filler may be on the floor and spread in the apartment.
Indoor toilet-house

This kind of bio-toilet for cats, which has the door. A pet door can open itself, it will not give him any work.


  • No bad smell, which is heard in the apartment.
  • The filler remains in the toilet, and gets into the house.
  • In such a toilet to go to the animal is very convenient.
  • It is very comfortable to use.


  • The cat can be frightened of such a toilet.
  • His price is great.
  • Pets can use it as house and not as a toilet.
A bio-toilet for cats automatic

This cat toilet that is semi open and has an aesthetic appearance.


  • Destroys all odors.
  • It is not necessary to remove itself, it self-cleans.
  • Absolutely safe for the animal.
  • To buy filler for such a composting toilet is not necessary.


  • When the toilet is flushed, the cat could get scared.
  • Has a very high price.

Before you buy a toilet for your pet, you need to study well. To know all his habits and what he prefers. Because it is absolutely possible that the tray you have purchased, not like the animal and then to accustom your kitten to the toilet will be very difficult.

Tray filler

Of cat litter are now very much. When choosing a filler to your pet don’t forget about these things:

The composition must be safe for the animal. Litter can hurt the paws of the cat or cause allergies.

And also the animal can accidentally swallow it, so make sure that it was nontoxic.

  • As well as cat litter trays should not have sharp odor.
  • Should be well to retain moisture and absorb odors.
  • It should have good absorption, if it is not, then you have to change it.
  • The filler should not be very crumbly, so you can easily removed.

If you have in the house one cat, then fit the filler concauses basis. But if there are many animals, it is better to opt for the filler, which has good absorbency. If the kittens are born, they use a wood filler. There are even gel and silicone fillers, but they are only suitable for adult animals.

Accustom the kitten to walk in the tray

It is best to do it when the kitten is still very small. In this case, your pet is much more aware of what he must master, and with accustomed to the tray will have no problems.

But if you want to do it quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to observe some rules.

  1. If you took the kitten to another home, don’t forget to ask what cat litter I bought the previous owners, the first time we will have to use the same.
  2. If possible, you need to get some filler from his toilet to a new home. Schooling will be a little easier if the kitten will smell the familiar smell.
  3. If you took the cat from the street, instead of filler, use sand mixed with the ordinary earth. Such a structure cat will be closer than the shops. Over time, sand you can pour purchase filler but soon go and do it.
  4. To get your pet accustomed to the tray, several times a day you need to put it into him, while gently caressing.
  5. If your pet absolutely refuses to go to the tray, you can help remedies from the pet store that help to train stubborn Pets to the toilet.

Cats love cleanliness, so get used to the tray pretty quickly. But there are different situations, for example, a cat is not accustomed to go to the toilet, in the house where she lived before, or kitten got to your house from the street, has no idea about the tray.

But the owner must have a lot of patience and be persistent and everything will work out, the animal will start to go to the toilet in the correct place.

  • First we need to get your cat into the new house, after that happens, her need to feed and then put in the tray. To put the cat in the toilet after each feeding and after she wakes up.
  • While the cat sits in the tray, it should be treated tenderly and to touch the filler with her own paws.
  • If the animal celebrated his need for the toilet, much to scold and shout at him not worth it, it can get scared. It would be correct to remove from the floor, what the cat did and put in a tray, but this must be done so that she saw.
  • Every time the cat goes in the tray on purpose, it is necessary to praise and caress, you can still give some kind of delicacy. It is to remember and walk to your toilet to relieve themselves, and over time it will become a habit.

The first days do not leave your pet unattended. When regular monitoring, a cat will be faster to do what you require from it.

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