All about cats: the cats

Zoologists Lyon University in France conducted research in the animal world and counted the number of cats in the world. Quite a lot of them. More than 600 million.

Numbers of these Pets the first place is the USA. In the US approximately 75 million. Then there is China – 47 million and Third place went to the Asian continent. With a population of about 30 million meowing.

Fourth place is Australia, in her one person in ten will have nine cats (only 21 million). In Russia, under the care of breeders, furry pranksters is about 13 million, Europe 8 million

There are countries in which the cat almost impossible to find. This, for example, Gabon, Peru. There to meet “fluffy pussy” – the big rarity.

The felines, like dogs, have become the closest animals to humans. Not even animals, and loved family members. But how much we do not know about these harmful, but cute creatures.

Why do people love cats:

  • this, of course, the cute fluffy animals;
  • their purring is indifferent will not leave;
  • many people believe that the seals know how to treat;
  • with them fun to play.

This article provides helpful information about cats, as well as the most interesting and amazing facts about them.

How eyes cats

It seems to hunt at night, as do the lynx, it is necessary to have very sharp vision. In fact it is not. It is necessary to have not sharp, but a special vision. For example, crepuscular and nocturnal animals (these include wolves, felines and other predators) almost do not distinguish colors. Their eyes are arranged differently.

The cat compared with other Pets the biggest eyes in relation to body size. In comparison with man, the eyes perceive color is much weaker. Less contrast and bright. However, they are much better than people can see in the dark. Also have a much wider in comparison with a person, the angle of peripheral vision.

Cat owners have probably noticed that in the dark their eyes glow green or yellow. This is because the retina of the eyes have a special reflective layer. Even the smallest ray of light entering that animal in the eye is enhanced through this layer and is reflected back onto the retina. Turns out as interior lights.

Another feature. In the eyes of the members of the cat family dominated by special photoreceptors is a so – called sticks. They are responsible for twilight vision colorless. But the number of other photoreceptors – cones, which are responsible for daytime color vision, very small. That’s why these animals see better by night than by day.

And, of course, the magnitude of the pupil of the cat is huge. The pupil can expand to 14 mm, while the man only to eight.

These are the features and make it a special vision so unique. And it helps the cat to see in a special way. This allows them to accurately attack their prey.

If to say why cats are the best night hunters, enough three phrases:

  • they have blazing speed;
  • in the dark they see very well;
  • their eyes are the eyes of nocturnal hunters.
Why do cats like boxes?

Scientists have long studied the mystery of the XXI century and came to interesting conclusions. In a small confined space any carapana feels safe, as her side, with all sides protected from attack and it is impossible to get unnoticed.

For the seals of the box is a strategic object, which is convenient to hide, to hunt for a victim and to prepare for the attack.

Another reason is the need to warm up. And the last thing scientists think, it’s just a habit or a game for them.

Cat’s have no sweat glands

According to the information of the same Lyon University, the cat has no sweat glands all over the body, as in humans. They sweat only through the pads of their paws.

Obviously, members of the cat family often wash their feet (more often than the muzzle) because only on the legs they do have sweat glands.

The brain of a cat

The brain of these animals meowing more biologically similar to a human. Unlike cats, a dog’s brain into human almost unlikely.

For emotions have cats, like people, respond the same areas of the brain. Although scientists are still exploring the depth and range of emotions, they say that cat know how to Express the same emotions that people do. For example, they have such emotions as happiness, excitement, playfulness, depression and anger.

Interestingly, the largest brain the smallest members of the cat family. That is more than an animal, the less he has the brain and Vice versa.

The cat was in space

In 1963, ironically a French cat Fileset the first of its representatives went to space travel. It happened by pure chance. The fact that fly had she, and the other a specially trained cat.

On orbit, Fileset didn’t get, but spent a few minutes in space. But it could very well be the world’s first space traveler. Light weight and small size, weak appetite, high intelligence and good survival making it an excellent contender.

Scientists to this flight very long to cook. They invented many techniques for teaching a cat and people for space flight. This cat had high hopes. And at the crucial moment, the day before take-off (18 Oct 1963), this “cat scientist” named Felix escaped, jeopardizing the start of the rocket Veronica-47.

Hastily the staff of the spaceport caught and launched into the capsule first cat. Later the press it was announced that the pilot replaced the cat, whose name is Fileset.

The launch took place on schedule. The flight of the ship with the cat on Board was continued for 15 minutes. Rocket landed also on schedule. Flight ended successfully.

PS Fileset then, too, at the first opportunity, escaped from the spaceport.

Astronauts move in weightlessness taught cats

It is believed that cats have 9 lives. This property they got for their supernatural and unmatched survival. When a cat falls from a great height, she landed on 4 legs. And thus remains intact. These miracles, it turns out, is quite understandable from the point of view of scientists. The fact that she is able to slow down the falling speed.

When you increase the area of the body, increases resistance and air pressure that crushes a cat to the top. She does it instinctively, like paratroopers. Members of the cat when falling spread legs. However, there are many scientists who suspect that they have some kind of a rescue mechanism. As they explain it, the cat in the time of the fall included in a particular state – the alpha state. In it, she completely relaxes. This state allows her to change your weight. These cute animals are somehow quite mysteriously communicate with gravity.

Before sending a man into space, the best minds have thought through the ways and methods of orientation in weightlessness. The ideal way suggested by the nature itself – falling to four paws cat. It evens the position of their body with their tail.

In weightlessness the person to move very difficult. The need to travel in such conditions requires focused effort. Therefore was created the technique of rotational movements of the hands, feet, in order to coordinate your body. This was largely borrowed from cats. That is, astronauts to move and coordinate your body in weightlessness taught it was a cat.

It’s interesting

Cats RUB against people not only because they are affectionate. Yet this behavior they trigger instincts that are calling to mark its territory a secret of glands located around the muzzle. And the smell is isolated to the area around the cat’s tail and paws.

The biggest cat in the world is the Amur tiger. Males of the Amur tigers have a body, equal in length to 3.8 meters and a weight of 270 kg, and sometimes up to 300 kg.

The smallest and most diminutive wild cat in the world is the black-footed cat. Its average weight is about three pounds. And body length is 52 inches.

Cats sleep 70% of their lives. In average spend 2/3 days to sleep, while the person spends asleep for only 30% of his life.

The cat has 32 muscles, which are controlled by the ear. Thanks to this, the cat can turn ears almost 180 degrees. She also has a spatial hearing. With the help of his ears that she recognizes the power of sound, its height and destruction. Processing these data, it very accurately estimates the location of its source.

The imprint of the nose of a cat no less unique, like fingerprints in humans.

All members of the cat family is so sensitive to vibrations that they can feel the earthquake tremors 10 to 15 minutes before people. It is therefore recommended to carefully monitor the behavior of a cat. If it is behaving abnormally, it’s time to prepare for an earthquake. Or maybe he’s just weird.

The anatomy of a cat’s body has 230 bones, whereas a human has is 206. Cat’s do not have a clavicle. This gives them a certain advantage. They can easily squeeze through any hole that does not exceed the volume of the head. Sometimes a cat overestimates its body in some places. This may cause a jam. Cats get stuck in narrow openings often, but it happens.

Another interesting information

Unlike dogs, cats can’t feel sweet taste. Scientists believe that this occurs due to a mutation in the key taste receptor.

Cats typically grab the objects right foot, and cats – left. It is also interesting that the majority of left-handers among men.

These cute Pets can make over 100 different sounds, but dogs only about ten.

Cats do not know how to climb a tree upside down. And they can’t get down with his head down, thus forced to retreat. This is due to the bending of the claws.

It is believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first people who tamed wild cats. However, the remains of the oldest of domestic cats was recently found in an ancient grave in the island of Cyprus. This tomb is older than the earliest Egyptian cat images for 4 thousand years.

Pope innocent the eighth during the Spanish Inquisition declared cats evil. And thousands of cats were burned.

Cat mayor!

Since July 1997 the home Steps cat is honorary mayor of the area Toolkit (AK). In the record of the mayor have such records, as the escape out of town on a garbage truck.

Another cat ran for mayor in Mexico (2013). But perhaps he did not have the same training as Steps.

But in General, if you look at the situation, it is not uncommon to hear that the cat occupies any leadership position. It is time for the people to think about it.

The end

How many interesting and secret fraught with these little meowing animals. Their relationship with the man is probably the strongest of relationships with other animals, not including dogs. And some scientists even believe that cat lovers three times less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. And, in General, are treated from other diseases.

In General, seals are not only our friends. They are still useful for health.

To summarize. What a nice cat:

  • cats are useful animals to good health, and in General;
  • these furry Pets all love;
  • a lot of fun to play;
  • they can be used to predict earthquakes (sometimes this helps).

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