All about feed for cats class holistic

Today to find food for cats in specialized stores is not difficult. But to understand the variety of types of feed is not easy, especially if the label says “holistic”.

Many owners of Pets don’t understand what it is, and even more do not know what advantages and disadvantages has this kind of food for cats. Next, we will try to answer frequently asked questions about holistic. 

Characteristics of feed holistic

Holistic the word comes from the Greek word (holism), which means complete or whole. This term is called a philosophy, which is based on the unity of body and soul with the surrounding world. Ideas holistice was formed in the days of Aristotle. So, his theory is that the whole is more than all of its parts separately.

The highest position among all animal feed is exactly holistic. Based on the philosophical ideas and thoughts, we can say that the food holistic the best meals to date for cats.


What kind of food and what it do? In its composition does not include suspicious products, chemical additives, unexplored sources of protein. Here is not the basis of all of the cheap feed, there is no pulp, soy, corn, sugar and dyes. Attractive aroma is obtained due to the natural ingredients.

Manufacturers include only part of the holistic dietary and nutritional meat. For example, meat, chicken, Turkey, rabbit, lamb, fish. As further additives, use cranberries, sage, apples, rosemary, flax oil. These ecological, natural components and normalize the digestive tract of the animal.

High quality raw materials is only a small step on the way to getting the best nutrition. It is very important use a comprehensive and correct ratio of ingredients. A special role in the composition is given to probiotics. They form the right microflora in the body of a cat, create favorable conditions for stable work of digestion. Vitamins and minerals included in the composition of the feed positive effect on all cat bodies.


Today the market offers several types of feed holistic for cats:

  1. Dry food. Love this food even the pickiest cats. Usually it contains several kinds of meat, but the artificial additives and no grains.
  2. Stew and canned wet food. The amount of useful components there is much more. Drawback is a special storage condition.
  3. Holistic food for kittens. It includes nutrients that promote proper growth and development of baby body.
  4. Food for aging cats. In that it focuses on the environmental components that have a positive effect on the skin, nails, joints, teeth.
  5. The products produced for sterilized cats and neutered cats, takes into account the peculiarity of these Pets. This category of animals often suffer from sexual and hormonal diseases.
  6. Holistic for Pets with sensitive digestion. This combination of food components that help the process of digestion.

The advantages and disadvantages of holistic

Food, which is interwoven with the philosophy of holism, ensures that natural flavour and consistent health benefits of cats. But holistic for cats have a number of significant features.


Many manufacturers claim that the meat they use for the production of feed does not contain antibiotics, pesticides and GMOs. And in the diet has no harmful components. Thus, this food is as close to the diet of cats in vivo.

Veterinarians emphasize the positive holistic impact on the body of cats, namely:

  • improving the health of the hair and skin;
  • the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the balancing operation of the genitourinary, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system;
  • prevention of common diseases of cats.

Many people are deterred by the price holistic. Indeed, with proper feeding, they will be twice as expensive as conventional feed.

But if we consider costs in the long term, it turns out:

  • holistic over slowly, due to its nutritional properties;
  • when feeding cats holistica, they do not need additional vitamin supplements;
  • reduced additional costs for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases.

It should be remembered that food premium is close to the natural diet of the animal. This means that the cat is safe from allergies.


Unfortunately, even high quality food can be minor flaws. Some of Kulistikov includes innovative elements. They are so natural that require training cats. The animals are accustomed to the flavors, various flavors and other artificial ingredients are cheap (flavored) feed. Often the cats are not excited about the new diet, sometimes even abandon it.

But do not despair. Introduces such food in the animal’s diet gradually by adding small portions to the old food. Every day an increasing number holistic the diet of cats. To teach the animal will not be so difficult, more difficult to cure it after improper and poor nutrition.

How to choose holistic

You need to be careful to select food for cats, especially should take into account all features of the pet. It is not necessary to buy several packages holistic. First you need to accustom the cat to the new food. At the organization of proper nutrition and the holistic choice, it is better to rely on the recommendation of the vet.

Step by step instructions

When complying with step by step instructions, it is possible to choose the right holistic for the cat:

  1. Size. The size of the cat is important when selecting food. Although its beneficial properties and quality of holistic for small, medium and large cats is no different, but linked by different methods. Therefore, an important criterion that you should pay attention is the size of the pet.
  2. Breed. Every cats owner knows what breed their pet. This will help when choosing holistic. Breeds are smooth-coated, short-haired, long-haired, active or relaxing, with the peculiarities of the esophagus. All these criteria took into account manufacturers holistic.
  3. Age. Of course, with the age of the cat change its diet. Therefore, diet for kittens and adult cats will be different. The manufacturer indicates on the package the age of the animal for which the feed is intended.
  4. Physiology. Important when choosing holistic to take into account the physiology of the pet (pregnancy and birth, estrus, puberty, sterilisation or castration). Manufacturers produce a line of holistic for this category of animals. It is important to include them in the diet of the pet.
  5. Disease. Manufacturers holistic care about the health of cats. So, it is considered a dietary. Here and struggle with excess weight, obesity, treatment of avitaminosis and hypervitaminosis. But also holistic include in the diet for various diseases, after operations.

Age guidelines

Food holistic is produced in different forms and designed for cats of any age:

  1. The kittens are of high physical activity and intense growth, this body needs a highly nutritious and complete diet. So holistic for kittens is the best option.
  2. Adult Pets fit universal feed holistic. The feed is balanced so that adult males receive the vitamins and minerals in the right quantity.
  3. Usually, the age of cats worsen a variety of illnesses, and new diseases. During this period the animal is reduced physical activity. Therefore, the diet of age of animals entered specially designed holistic.
List holistic of cat food

All holistic share similarities of composition, and therefore properties are approximately the same.

Popular manufacturers of catsthat produce a line feed holistic:

  1. АСАNА Ogep polar cat air coolers&Кittеn. Balanced and complete feed which consists of 80% meat. The rest of the ingredients – vegetables, fruits, herbs. Composition is represented by Turkey, fish, chicken, antioxidants and different vitamins. Due to special handling, low-carb food.
  2. Grandorf Ноlistic Indооr. This food with pribiotikov, hypoallergenic. With daily use, the cat quickly and efficiently normal intestinal microflora.
  3. GO! Nаturа l Ноlisti with Fit+Fr her. Represented by four kinds of meat (chicken, Turkey, duck, salmon). The quantity of each product contained in different proportions. The percentage carbohydrate content in the feed is low, and it is saturated with lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.
  4. NОw Frеsh Grаin Frее Fish Аdult Rесipе CF. Food based on fish meat (salmon, trout, herring), fruits, berries, vegetables. This holistic used for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, but also for recovery of cats after an illness.
  5. Аlmо Nаturе Ноlistiс, Tigkiw&Riсе. High quality food, the main ingredient is Turkey meat, and chicken. The pellets also includes extracts of alfalfa and green tea, omega-3, omega-6, phosphorus, calcium and other vitamin and mineral components.

As noted above, the composition of the different feeds of the same type, so the cost to them will be approximately the same.

Thus, to summarize, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • holistic is a balanced and complete feed for cats;
  • holistic – natural product that will not cause harm to the body of the animal.

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