American curl, feature and description

American curl is a loyal and active dogs that will not stay unnoticed because of its unusual external data. The main feature and the main reason for the prevalence of the breed is the unusual shape of the ears, which are bent outward-facing.

Breed American curl has come a long way in the way of its popularity and it met a large number of criticism and hostility from the people, like most other breeds of cats.

The origin story of the American curl

Individuals Amerykaski curl breed was first bred, but rather seen in California in North America. So, in a small town rural type lived one person named Joe Ruth, who is the future founder of the breed.

Once, returning home after a long work day, the man put the car in the garage and as usual went towards the house. Then Joe saw two hungry kittens without a home. The kittens were all dirty and too skinny, but attracted the attention of Joe due to its unusual shape lugs, which were wrapped outside, and also its shiny and fluffy coat. With special effort Joe went through the kids and went to the house.

Then Joe began to talk with his wife grace and told her about the kittens, letting him know that he’s not going to feed them, thus taming to home. Good heart, grace did not stand, because the awareness that their door sitting lean and hungry kittens are not given by gray to continue to sit quietly. At that time, when Joe went into his office, she immediately gained the first available food and got out of the fridge a little milk.

When she left, the kittens continued to sit on the doorstep, but was quite wary towards others. Grace carefully went round the kittens and put the bowl next to the bushes. As a result, the bowl was empty in 15 minutes, and grace filled her again.

The next morning, as soon as grace came outside, she again saw the kittens, who were waiting for a new portion of food. Kittens again received food, and grace realized that can’t live without these lovely creatures. After a brief conversation with her husband, grace convinced him to take her side, and kittens bought their own house and their owners. Kittens is sure to come in the door and immediately began to play and actively running, thus amusing their new owners, but after half an hour a strange thing happened.

One kitten is black in color signaled another kitten after the kittens went to the door and began to ask on the street. Surprised grace and Joe opened their doors and the kittens had gone into the dark night, and such visits took place over one week.

Little kittens during this time are so tied to their owners that they become members of the family and even got their names. A quiet girl, black in color was named Shulamith and mobile and curious sister with a black-and-white colouring was named Panda. Grey with grace has tried all means to bind the kittens, but every night Shulamith walked to the door, calling a second cat.

Unfortunately, this story is not without tragic situation, once in the evening when the kittens were outside, the door slammed shut because of strong drafts. During the strike the door between the doorway stood the giant Panda, which led to severe cranial trauma in a kitten. Anger and anger Shulamith knew no bounds, she rushed to the door, trying to protect her sister, after which the kittens together disappeared from sight.

Gray and Joe until the morning did not know what to do and was very confused. With the sunrise they were waiting for the arrival of their little kittens, and they came back. The kittens came from, but the Panda was walking slowly and her head was tilted to one side. All attempts to help an injured Panda fails or aggression from her sister. Black cat strongly supported the sister, brought her food, licked, protected from trouble and hugged.

Two days have passed since the couple tried to catch and to cure a small kitten, Joe thought, the cat will trust and allow you to help the Panda, but that didn’t happen. Late at night under the door of the house there was a rustling, grace quickly went to open the door, but on the doorstep was only Shulamith. Head down, the cat came in and jumped on her knees to Joe. Clinging to the shoulders of Joe, the cat purred quietly, as if letting him know of her sorrow. From that day the cat was all the time next to Jo, she moved his loyalty and love with a dead sister on adult.


  1. In December 1981 there was the first offspring of a cat Shulamith. Data about father of the offspring is not present, it is most likely that it was just a cat, living near the house cat. Four little kitten possessed a completely different color and the first three days after his birth was like for ordinary individuals. And only on the fourth day, grace saw that the ears of the kids began to slowly wrap down to the surface. To find a scientific explanation, Joe and grace began to read many books to find information about cats who came hungry and slim in one day on their doorstep.
  2. Not considering themselves some breeders and especially founders of new breeds of cats, grace and Joe decided to give their kittens close friends and relatives. This was the starting point for the further spread of American curls. All kittens are born again and again, had curled ears, which confirmed the speculation grace about the fact that Shulamith was the origin of a new dominant gene. The uniqueness and singularity of the new breeds of cats were in the shadows until such time as a daughter, Shulamith, named Mercedes, not sired kittens from the cat with a twisted ear. At that time Mercedes was at the sisters of grace – estre, Brimlow.
  3. Esther had a friend, Nancy Kester, who saw kittens and wanted to take several of them to his upbringing. Not only that, Nessi in the future became the chief Secretary of the club American curls, it gave Esther and grace the idea to put the kittens in the exhibition, which was held in palm springs. However, the Shulamith and her two grandson caused admiration and surprise from the guests and audience of the exhibition, and was subsequently invited to the exhibition with a status of out of competition. So, one might think that the experts have given yourself some time to fully appreciate a new breed of cats.
  4. And only in 1983 the year of grace and Joe were notified that they grow a new breed of cat that was nowhere to be found. After this news, Joe and gray decided to seek recognition of a new breed that developed characteristics and breeding plan of a new kind of American curls. In main features it was decided to take the features of Shulamith and ordinary domestic cats.

Key features and characteristics of the breed

American curls – cats that have an average size and fairly well packaged. They have a muscular structure and a well-developed bone. In view of the cat is quite slender, flexible and long in the torso area. All this gives a long and thick tail, which generally tapers to an end. With all this, males are much more than cats. Head Pets rounded shape and rather large. The chin is massive, the profile of cat wedge-shaped, eyes large in size and well expressed, its form can be compared to the walnut.

The main unusual feature of the breed is its ears. The ears are high up and have a curl of about 90 degrees. A large tortuosity, reaching up to 100 degrees, should not be. The tips of the ears are rounded. The cartilage in the ear is elastic, but not hard. Inside the ears there is a noticeable tufts of hair.

Curls can be of two types – longhaired and shorthaired. Hair cat quite smooth, silky, completely devoid of guard hairs and dense with no undercoat. Individuals colors may vary. The most popular colors is considered to be tabby (silver, blue, brown, lavender) and solid color (black, blue or white). Very rare colors, which are particularly fond of breeders are considered to be red, chocolate, cream and Golden chinchilla. Also cats can be white blotches of varying size and shape. Eye colour in cats can be absolutely different and vary from light blue to rich tea.

Defects that can occur in cats are the following:

  1. Too thick coat, with thick undercoat.
  2. Too heavy and short torso.
  3. Small legs and tail.
  4. Sharply curved ears or the ears of various shapes.
  5. Ear cartilage is thick type.
  6. East of the muzzle.

Little kittensthat have these features are not allowed for show and usually simply disqualified, but may be sold in the form of Pets.

Personality and behavior of cats of breed American curl

All breeders describe this breed as very friendly cats, with a quick affectionate to their owners. Curls always have a good mood, and they are constantly active and playful, but is also able to maintain a cheerful disposition until old age. Cats have great immune properties and health. Veterinarians do not produce specific disease, which could be affected by the breed of individuals.

Curls have a high level of intelligence and fast-learners. Cats quickly remember your name and immediately respond to it. Also cats can learn some tricks: to fetch, to jump over the barrier to make a snake around the legs of the owner.

Another trait of these cats is their special devotion and affectionate to the owner. Cats are always happy to communicate and play games with man. Sometimes the owners even put them in one place with dogs. It is considered that the cat- American curl is well suited for a host of male. So, the cat is not picky in terms and content, easy to clean, unobtrusive, friendly, but always ready to be a part of the fun. Also curl well will feel themselves in the family circle or with other Pets, not showing anger, aggression or dissatisfaction.

How to keep cats?

  1. American curls are not picky in their content. This breed should be brushed with the comb with a few teeth about two times a day, using slicker or stiff bristle brushes that can easily change the hair and its texture. Shorthaired cats can be combing only once a month or even less frequently. Animal ears should always be cleaned using oil or special lotion. Alcohol products use is strictly prohibited. During the procedure, clean only the external part of the ear, too deep to penetrate should not be.
  2. Over time, the cat should be trimming claws. Curl, who leads an active and mobile lifestyle, you should provide a variety of toys: suspended mice and balls and balls. For home activities make good use of the house, has a sports complex: couches, kittens, multilevel platforms for jumping. With the pet should be used to communicate with and fun to spend time with him, otherwise the cat can quickly get bored.
  3. To feed this breed should be factory ready to feed premium and super- premium. So, in the free market are the feed mixture, which is able to provide health and immunity as short-haired and long-haired individuals. Constant access needs to be clean drinking waterwhich should be changed regularly for a new one. If the pet nutrition will consist of natural foods, it is necessary to carry out feeding with poultry, beef, boiled fish, offal and milk products. The diet of the pet may include some vegetables and cereals, 80% of the animal food should consist of animal proteins.

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