Antigadin for cats: instructions create a spray with their hands

With a new kitten or puppy there is the problem of teaching your pet to potty. It can not be solved by itself, and after the puddles made in the most unexpected place, and to the owners raises the question of how to get rid of smell and to teach the pet to relieve themselves in a designated place.

Also, very often the Pets leave marks on “his” territory, making the conditions of living in an apartment far from normal.

The reasons for the inaccuracy of the cats

Before using the product Antigadin you need to carefully analyze why the animal refuses to use intended for her toilet. This can occur for several reasons.

Cats by nature are very clean animals. The cat will not defecate in a dirty tray that the owner is in time washed. In this case, the animal begins to find a new place.

The tray may not be suitable for cat size: it can be too small or too large. A new tray may have a specific smell of plastic or detergent with which it is treated. In this case, the cat starts to avoid him.

Pet may not like the location of the toilet. The tray should be placed in a quiet place where the cat no one will bother. If the source of trouble in this, but no drug can’t solve this problem.

The cat may not like the litter in the tray.

Many cats begin to pee in wrong places after sterilization, because they do not need to mark a territory. They start to leave marks all over the apartment.

May be exacerbated with the advent of the home a new pet. In this case, the jealousy and fear of losing control over the territory of cats are forced to mark the whole apartment.

Very often patients with urolithiasis animals require to change the place for the toilet, since peeing causes them pain.

In order to wean the cat to go to the toilet in the wrong places we have developed a special drug – biospray Antigadin for cats.

In the product contains active ingredients that are safe for human health and unpleasant for the cat.

Antigadin for cats can help prevent pet to go to the toilet in the wrong place it also effectively eliminates the smell of urine of the animal in the house.

Biospray is made in the form of a spray in plastic bottles with a sprayer. It is composed of enzymes that when exposed to the receptors of the cat. Give her a sense of disgust to the place chosen for the toilet.

Spray formula comprises active components capable of destroying the sharp smell of urine in the apartment. They are completely harmless to the animal and do not cause allergic reactions.

Instructions for use Antigadin for cats

To use the tool simply.

  • After the pet goes to the toilet in the wrong place, should be thoroughly cleaned “the crime scene” clean water without detergents and disinfectants, which will make the action Antigadin much weaker.
  • A bottle of spray shake well and treat the surface with a small distance. The surface should be well wet, this is especially important during the first use.
  • It is recommended to treat Antigadin wet floor surface or carpet. The water will help the active substances to adsorb to the surface. When processing a dry surface preparation evaporates and does not give the desired effect.
  • The tool begins to operate after two hours. At this time you need to carefully monitor the cat, so she chose a new location for the toilet.
  • If after the first application the spray was ineffective, should re-treatment.
  • While the action comes Antigadin you need to wash the tray and replace the toilet filler. Some cat owners recommend the use of the filler of disposable diapers or soft coverings.

If the refusal to use the designated spot is kidney stones, should consult with a veterinarian.

In the composition Antigadin for cats are enzymes and fragrances, diluted with water. This smell only cats. When processing a vehicle where unauthorized walk the cat, there is a chance to break him of bad habits.

The lack of specific smell makes the product convenient to use. It can apply owners with allergies.

Antigadin for cats: instructions for use

Before applying Antigadin should thoroughly wash the floors without the use of detergents. The active substances can react with chlorine or phenol, and smell of flavors to mask the smell of the ferments and the use of tools will not bring the desired result.

After the floor is washed, you should Antigadin spray to wet the surface of the floor or carpet. Before using, carefully read the user manual because Antigadin and similar tools can leave stains on furniture.

The effect starts in two hours. To consolidate the effect , you should use Antigadin once a day.

If the cat continues to pee in the wrong place, should continue treatment for as long as she do not stop.

If a positive result is achieved after the first treatment, it is recommended to treat the room 1-2 times to strengthen effect.

Biospray Antigadin: counterparts

Biospray Antigadin is very popular among owners of cats and dogs due to their efficacy and complete safety for humans and Pets.

In pet stores today, you can find several drugs of domestic and foreign manufacturers with similar effect:

  • Spray Shit? No! for dogs and cats;
  • Spray Mr.Fresh – stopping shit;
  • Beaphar Stop it spray deterrent;
  • Puppy Trainer – to accustom the kittens to the toilet;
  • lotion spray “Biovaks. My place? Yes!!”
How to make Antigadin for cats with their hands

Of course, to fully replicate the composition Antigadin at home will not work, as the prerequisites.

But you can use folk remedies, which can effectively deodorize Pets in the apartment.

For this you can use the following tools:

Disinfectants, including chlorine-containing component. Effectively eliminates extraneous odors, however, it should be used very carefully, since many cats perceive the smell of chlorine as a signal to use the room for a toilet and more.

Can be used for floor washing of table vinegar. After the floor is washed, you can sprinkle the wet surface with a few drops of vinegar. Similarly, many people use ammonia or strong-smelling Cologne. The downside of these remedies is that they can cause allergies in the animal.

Lemon juiceadded to the water to wash the floor;

Balm “gold star”, which handles the location: its sharp menthol smell deters the cat.

Antigadin for dogs reviews owners

After new year’s eve, frightened by the fireworks, our Retriever refuses to go for walks. Every sentence to take a walk accompanied by a nervous trembling and whining. For toilet dog took a fancy to the corner of the balcony.

The dog is quite happy to change it nothing is going. The shop suggested to purchase a special drug Antigadin. Did everything strictly according to instructions. The medicine helped after the second application. I recommend to use all the more that the price of money is quite acceptable.


Picked up on the streets of York with a broken leg. The dog was cured. But there was one problem: the dog refuses to go to the toilet in the tray. Used different tools: washed the floor with Domestos, Squirting Cologne, pleaded and begged – nothing helps.

On the recommendation of a friend bought Antigadin for dogs. Used exactly according to instructions. This effect I didn’t expect. Took one application. Our beauty was to go to the toilet in place. Thank you.


Before using the product suggested that the dog sniff it. Dog dissatisfied shook his head and left. Treated place for the user. Don’t know what was hitting the dog, but Antigadin really works. Feedback is positive.

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