Automatic feeder (automatic feeder) for cats

For a loving owner, nothing is more important than the health of a pet. And one of the factors that affect the condition of the animal, is the food. Feed cats need regular. Moreover, it is important to ensure that pet does not overeat. However, masters is not always possible to control this process.

On weekdays they spend most of the day at work, so take care of a pet is often busy. And what can we say about cases where an urgent need to get away for the weekend? It is in these moments comes to the rescue and automatic feeder. That is this device and how it works, you will learn from this article.

Automatic feeder for cats: description

Automatic feeder is a device that automatically gives the animal food in required portions. Thus, the owners do not have to worry about what the pet will eat it all in one place. Electronic feeders for cats equipped with a special feeding tank. That the animal does not have access to the food ahead of time, the lid of this container is blocked. Bowls of some models is divided into compartments, which open at a predetermined master time.

To work with the feeder is not so difficult:

  1. For starters, the container is filled with food (as much as a cat needs to eat in your absence).
  2. Then you set the timer.
  3. If the manufacturers added a voice recording function, you can leave a voice message for a pet.

Once all steps are fulfilled, the owner can go about his business without worrying that the pet will go hungry. The machine will automatically divide the food into equal portions.

All electronic feeders can be roughly divided into 3 large groups depending on the specific design:

  • normal;
  • with compartments;
  • with a timer.

A conventional feeder is arranged quite simple. It consists of two compartments: one poured the food, and the second is a bowl from which the pet will eat. Food would pour from a large container into a bowl as the cat eats it. Among mechanical feeders there are models with a dispenser and without. In the second case, the owner will not be able to control the amount of feed consumed by the pet. The feeder for cats with dispenser will give the animal the same quantity of food. Very popular feeder with feeder Ferplast ZENITH.

Feeder with compartments divided into several sectors (more often 4). One Bay remains open, and the other 3 are hidden under special cover. With the onset of the appointed time, the feeder begins to rotate, and the animal gains access to another container with food. Typically, such devices operate on batteries, so the owner will not have to worry about the unreliable supply of electricity. The main thing – to monitor the charge of batteries and make their timely replacement.

A feeder with a timer consists of two containers in which is filled with food for cats. At the appointed time the lid of one of the compartments opens and the bowl fills with food. Some models consist of three or more containers, but they are much more expensive. At the same time they contain a greater amount of feed.

How to choose an automatic feeder for cats?

Going to shop for automatic feeder for your pet, you need to be clear which device will suit you. Cheap devices with a minimum feature set is suitable only if you give your pet dry food.

More expensive models have more features. Some devices allow you to store wet canned food for about 3 days.

You have chosen the automatic feeder must meet the following requirements:

  • robust design (the owner does not have to worry about that cat or the cat accidentally inverted trough);
  • functionality (device must support multiple modes feed storage, including storage for several days);
  • the reliability in operation of the device (the owner must be sure that his pet in a timely manner and in sufficient quantity will get food according to the schedule of feeding);
  • ease of use;
  • the strength of the materials from which made the device;
  • capacity (the more you feed the automatic feeder can accommodate, the longer your pet can be left unattended).

A number of manufacturers released to the market trough touch sensor. But more expensive models can connect to the Internet, allowing the owner to control the supply of food for your pet at a distance.

Automatic feeder for cats with their hands

If you wish, you can make your own automatic feeder for cats. It can be done with automatic devices and without them. Below we present detailed instructions for creating a mechanical auto feeders for cats.

To manufacture the feeder in this way is quite simple. It will not take you much time and effort. However, this model is suitable only for storing dry food.

For making such feeders you will need:

  • a plastic bottle with a volume of 5 l (2 PCs.);
  • rope or string;
  • scissors or a knife;
  • awl;
  • the glue gun.

First you need to take one of the bottles and cut off her bottom to make kind of pallet. On the case the second bottle is necessary to make holes equal in size to the dimensions of the pallet. Then on the details you should make holes with an awl, and using glue or lace to connect them. It remains only to pour food for the pet, and the feeder is ready.

Thus, the automatic feeder is a handy invention that allows the owner to safely leave the pet home alone. Now you do not need to worry about a pet the whole day will stay hungry. The automatic feeder at the appointed time the food for your pet. Due to the wide range presented on the market, each owner will be able to find something that will suit him and his cat.

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