Birth in cats home: the first signs of how to take

The owners of the expectant mother is always in awe of the birth of the babies. But not everyone is aware of the first signs of childbirthlike to accept them and how long it will last.

If the pregnancy was planned, you calculate the childbirth easier, and in the case of independent pregnancy should pay attention to the signs.

The process of pregnancy. Signs and stages

The normal process of pregnancy in cats begins and ends without complications. But there are complex cases that occur with young cats, cats of certain breeds with heart problems. In this case, comes to the aid of the vet, who is following a normal pregnancy. The average pregnancy lasts 60-65 days. Allocate 3 stage of pregnancy:

Binding – 3 weeks

Starting from 3 weeks after mating, there are specific signs of pregnancy. The cat becomes lethargic, not eating well and playing. During this period, as she never needs affection and attention. Like all expectant mothers, observed vomiting. Moreover, the mammary glands become pink.

4-6 weeks

During this period, the pregnant tummy begins to rounded, and from 6 weeks babies make the first movement. If you attach the arm to the belly of a pregnant cat, then you can gently find the little kittens. During this period, the behavior of cats does not differ from the first weeks of pregnancy.

7-9 weeks

During this period, in the belly of the expectant mother will begin active movement of kittens. You may notice the anxiety of the pet. She begins to look for and to build the future the place to give birth. Towards the end of pregnancy you may notice that the pet is actively pulling the hair near the mammary glands. Don’t worry. Thus, she prepares the best access to their teats newborn kittens. 12 hours before birth is seen active secretion from the nipples colostrum, and secretions from the sex glands. In the prenatal period, the cat may even refuse to eat, often go to the tray.

Preparation for childbirth

A week before the upcoming pregnancy, you need to prepare all the necessary things. first, set up a cardboard box and put bedding made of natural fabrics. These can be Newspapers and old pillowcases. During this time, you have to get used to the cat to the box.

Place it in a favorite place of the cat, luring her in there with treats. She needs to settle in and not feel discomfort. Before birth, the apartment must be maintained silence, the expectant mother will be comfortable to endure childbirth.

If Your favorite is a representative of the “nobility” breeds and there is a possibility of birth complications, it is best to contact your veterinarian. He has the necessary experience and knowledge as well as necessary preparations and adaptations to the case of problematic genera. Under the supervision of a professional Your woman will not feel any discomfort. It would be better if during childbirth you will be with pet, because the cat also needs support. However, if it persistently shows reluctance in Your presence, hissing and hiding, it is better to leave her alone.

Signs of labor in cats

A few hours prior to delivery to actively experience the following symptoms:

  • favorite starts to run around the apartment, becomes restless
  • when there are fights the cat starts quickly and is hard to breathe
  • the sexual organs swell
  • colostrum secreted from the mammary glands

Usually before the birth of the cat loud meowing and trying to find a secluded place.

How long are birth from a cat?

If she gives birth for the first time, the birth of the first child can last a few minutes and several hours.

Near future mother should be a bowl of clean water, because between contractions the cat may feel thirsty. Childbirth can last up to a day and a half.

Most pregnant women do not experience complications and can Okolitsa. But if You notice complications, it is best to call the vet.

It is advisable to stroke the cat during childbirth, so she will calm down and set the desired mood. The cat may experience a premature birth, in this case, the presence of a specialist is necessary. It’s also necessary, if the birth continues more than a day, and the lambing causes pain and suffering. You need to follow in order to have appeared the firstborn was the last. Otherwise, the baby may be an infection. Bleeding after childbirth is not considered the norm. In this case you should immediately call the vet. It can save the life of your pet.

The cat behavior before birth

For 1 – 3 days before the birth cat becomes restless, she was actively licking his genitals.

Before giving birth she becomes drowsy and lazy. When birth begins, she starts to run behind you and becomes restless.

The cat begins to breathe heavily and to moan.

First stage – contractions. During this period the kittens start to move to the family hole.

How are birth in cats?

The second stage is the birth. Usually kittens are born head down, this is the most favorable outcome. But if a baby was born feet forward, then this should not cause concern. Kittens can be born in a bubble, that cat needs to break. But if she didn’t, then You should have to do, because the baby can suffocate. After the birth of kitty cat licks a kitten, it gnaws the umbilical cord and eats. If it didn’t, then take the scissors and cut the cord, but, most importantly, not too short.

The third stage is the rest. After the birth of each kitten, the mother rests for 10-15 minutes. Let her not eat more than 2 you’ll find. This can cause vomiting. Moreover, be sure to count the number of placenta, it should be equal to the number of kittens. If you missed one of the placenta – a cause for concern.

There are times when birth stop for 12 hours, and even on the day. Cat behaves completely relaxed, taking care of newborns. After this time birth can again be resumed. This is not a reason for concern.

There are cases of birth of dead kittens. But it is important to remember that sometimes they only look dead due to blockage of the respiratory tract mucus. If the cat washes her kittens, we need Your help. Take up a rag and wipe the kitten muzzle, mouth and eyes. You can also shake the kitten head down, he began to breathe.

What not to do?
  • Cannot be used on a cat antiseptic adapted for humans, because for her, they can be dangerous and can cause burns. For selection of antiseptics is best to consult a veterinarian.
  • Do not hold long in the hands of newborn kittens. The cat should form with them a mother’s touch. As you know, there are cases of cats eating their kittens if they feel a danger to them by another animal or human.
  • Try not to let pet outside after the birth. Because she can become pregnant again after 2 weeks. The cat needs to be with the kittens 8-10 weeks.
What to do if a cat has no milk?

Sometimes there are occasions that the cat does not give milk. It happens for several reasons. The first of them – the wrong food. Maybe the pet gets the necessary vitamins. In this case, you can use the drug “Apilak” to improve lactation. The second reason is a hormonal imbalance. At a young age the cat is still not ready to leave, so can’t produce milk. Experience is not necessary. The next pregnancy this deficiency is not to be disturbed. Another reason is the shock after the birth. To prevent it you need to create a peaceful atmosphere in the house and it is not possible to take the kittens in his hands.

If the milk will not appear, you have to buy dry cat milk substitute. It must be mixed with water and feed the kittens. For use to feed kittens or from a nipple, or a simple syringe.

If you act in accordance with the rules described in the article, the pregnancy of your cat will be fine. But keep in mind that if any complications should call the vet.

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