Bombay: description of breeds of domesticated Panther

In nature there are many species of the cat family, they differ in coat color, coat length, personality, body shape and many other parameters. From the variety of these beautiful creatures stands out a breed as the Bombay.

Many who encounter this animal in life, one is struck by its magical beauty, a huge shining eyes and unmatched grace. Eye shape of these animals are rounded, which may give the impression that the animal is constantly in a state of wonder.

Thanks to its shiny coal hair and bright yellow eyes, the Bombay cat is often called the Panther. But unlike the Panthers, living in the wild, the representatives of the Bombay cats are very docile and affectionate animals.

This article will talk about the description of this magnificent cat of the Bombay breed, describe the nature and characteristics of care in the home.

The breeder that was able to bring this breed is American, Nikki Horner. In the beginning of the last century, the woman ignited a dream to create a kitten that is absolutely black color. The results were not long in coming, the animal was very beautiful, with the animal turned out not only black wool, but the pads of the feet. In the end, the Bombay happened at the confluence of the Burmese with the American Shorthair breed, and its appearance resembled a reduced copy of a wild black Panther living in large numbers on the territory of the state of Bombay in India. That is why the dog and got a very original name.

Was the breed was in 1958, and immediately after the adoption of the standards of the breed, began to participate in various competitions and exhibitions.

Today, as confirmed by many breeders, these Pets are among the popular favorite of cats. Professional breeders are trying to preserve the originality of the breed and to prevent the Bombay cats are sable in color that may occur due to the presence of a recessive gene inherited animals. The presence of such deviations from the standards of the coat of the Bombay cat does not allow their participation in competitive and exhibition programs.

It is important to note that in the case of the crossing of the representative of the ancestor of the Burmese breed and Bombay, triggered the dominant gene responsible for the coal black color of the coat and then born completely black kitten.

The breed has gained tremendous popularity worldwide and Russia is no exception. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are several kennels who have been breeding exceptional Bombay beards cats. But it is worth noting that the cost of these animals is quite high. Purebred Bombay male kitten with a good pedigree can cost anywhere from thirty thousand to fifty thousand roubles. But when breeding home of the Panthers, nurseries specifically output and instances, the owners of which in the future do you plan to use the kitten in the shows. Such individuals can cost up to fifteen thousand rubles.

The main feature of the home Panthers instantly noticeable is dense, shiny, radical black fur.

While on the body these lovely Panther’s impossible to find the slightest speck that would be a different color, and that is the main advantage of the breed.

  • The body of these cats in length is slightly elongated and has a broad chest. The body is rather muscular. Despite the fact that the animals look incredibly graceful and elegant, they are very heavy and dense. The weight of these Panthers can reach six kilograms, given that males are always heavier than females.
  • The tail of the Bombay cats are slightly elongated and straight. The limbs are slender and strong, of medium length, ending with feet round shape and small size.
  • Head shape home Panthers round, but a strong chin makes her slightly elongated. The head is fully consistent with the proportions of the whole body.
  • Face home Panthers differs round forehead, broad and short nose, but the spot is well defined, and therefore to call them snub-nosed cannot.
  • The ears of an animal of medium size, roundish shape, with a slight inclination forward.
  • Eyes large and very expressive, harmoniously look at the background of jet black hair. Eye color can be gold, orange or copper. The shape of the eye rounded. It is worth noting that the kitten is a Bombay breed of cats at birth have bright blue eyes but as they grow older it changes and already has the standard color.
Character home Panthers

The Bombay cat is in dire need of constant communication with someone, especially when the kitten is still very small. In case one to leave an animal unattended, it starts to miss and feels very lonely. It is important that these cats know how to Express their feelings and emotions in a different tone of meow and chat with the owner and family members of different sounds. The Bombay cat can roar, and they do it very similar to the timbre of snarling living in nature wild Panther. But in General, the home of the Bombay cat can rightly be called one of the smartest cats. These cats are very quick to notice all of the daily routine of the host and meet the household at the door.

Despite the fact that home Panthers love combines with a host of games that they can independently find something fun to do. But it is very important that these cats are quite clean and do not create mess in the house.

Cat of the Bombay breed are great with children, it is caused by the fact that even with the tingling, shocks and other uncomfortable moments animal is not able to cause harm to the baby and to show aggression. Well Bombay cats get along with other animalsliving on the same territory, but they are trying to occupy a dominant position, but in conflict situations, cats do not exhibit excessive aggression.

These Pets are pretty smart, they can open Cabinet doors or refrigerator, as well as love to watch on TV.

In the care of the Bombay cats should observe the following rules:

  1. Pet needs regular combing of wool, this will help keep cats appropriate state and appearance of their fur, it should be remembered that shedding this procedure should be performed daily. For this you need to purchase a special comb with antistatic coating and the rubber glove. At the time of combing cats perceive this procedure as additional portions of affection and love and therefore, behave quite calm.
  2. Sleeper Bombay should be located so that he could observe what is happening in the room, it will help them to feel safe.
  3. It is important that eyes Bombay cats also need proper care. It is necessary to wipe the eyes of the animal with a cotton pad or soft cloth without the availability of lint to clean out of the corners of the selection. It is best to moisten a cloth or cotton boiled boiled water or a weak infusion of chamomile.
  4. Bombay cats need a proper diet, which should consist of Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if to feed the cat at lunchtime does not work due to the lack of family members at home, lunch could be deleted. It is important to ensure that the cat does not overeat, as if the uncontrolled power of the cats begin to suffer obesity.

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