British longhair cat and kitten

British longhair cats have the name lowlander or Highlander. This is a full type of the breed British Shorthair. In our day the representatives of this breed is gaining huge popularity among pet lovers.

These animals do not require very complex care and are of nice and calm character.

The appearance and standards of the British long haired cats

Experts have developed a number of standards of appearance, which must meet the British longhair cat:

  1. The animal’s body is muscular, with a massive chest and shoulders and short powerful neck.
  2. Paws at British cat short, their musculature is very well developed.
  3. The tail is medium in size and rounded at the tip. Fluffy tail is one of the main advantages of this breed.
  4. The skull in the long-haired Briton rounded and chunky, with round cheeks and a strong chin. A small straight nose shape. Massive rounded whisker pads give a certain zest to the appearance of these cats.
  5. The eyes of cats big and color correspond to the color of the animal.
  6. Of the ear set wide apart, are of average size and a little rounding at the tips.
  7. That length of wool is the hallmark of this breed. The coat has a rough texture and hugs the body tightly.
Versions of the coat color

The vast majority of British long-haired cats having a solid monochrome color and has no spots on the coat. Cats and cats with short hair standards allowed any color.

Sometimes there are unusual color variations:

  1. Tortoiseshell coloration implies throughout the body evenly spaced spots of red and black color throughout the body. Possible spot cream or blue flowers.
  2. Long-haired breeds, smoky color. Among them distinguish cameo, smoke, chinchilla. These animals have a white undercoat, which partially absorbs the primary color of the guard hairs. This unusual color makes the appearance of the cat extremely attractive. Usually smoky cats have a darker back, head and legs. Collar and the ears are lighter, with a silvery sheen.
  3. Tabby – long-haired kind of British, known under the name of harlequin, striped and ticked. This species has a distinctive feature – the mark on the forehead in the shape of the letter M. the Main color of the coat always contrast against the spots, which gives them definite form and expression. From the corners of his eyes depart a solid line of dark colours, which go back and run along the entire back. Thus, it is quite a distinct pattern resembling a butterfly. Chest and neck decorated with animals contract continuous rings. On the thighs and abdomen are spots of round shape.
  4. Found among British longhair cats and the so-called bi – they have the basic color can be combined with white. The main requirement of the standard is the area of the color is not more than half and at least one third of the surface of the whole body of the animal. To the colored areas should not meet, white hair. Must be painted one ear and on the head or the face to be the mark of large size. Some high spots should be on the back and legs.
  5. Siamese coloration means the white color of the fur on the body and painted tail, ears and paws. On the face may be the mark in the form of a mask.

There are a number of traits inherent in the majority of British longhair cats. In General, this breed is calm and poise. These Pets are very affectionate and playful, ready to play with candy wrappers, sunbeams, etc. of the British cats are very attached to those whom they consider family members, however, unobtrusive and absolutely not aggressive.

These cats get along well with other smaller animals can perfectly find a common language with people living in the home decorative rodents and birds. To children and their pranks cat is very patient.

Little kittens by nature are characterised by curiosity and restlessness. However, they very quickly learn what is and what is not. And adapt to the lifestyle of the owners. Even the most fidgety and restless kittens in 2-3 years they become steady and reach its final maturation.

To a new home and new owners of these kittens get used to it very quickly.

British cats – only pet, they can not walk on the street. This breed can easily get yourself a those people who are not home most of the time. Their four-legged pet is unlikely to get bored without constant attention of the owner.

Features of choosing and buying a kitten

The first thing that can interest a potential owner of the British longhair cat is its cost. The price of a kitten of the British may depend on a number of factors and vary widely.

Of course, the price of British longhair kittens in cattery and luxury from a private breeder can vary several times. This kitten will be a perfect pet for those who prefer tranquility and home comfort. It does not require too much attention and care, but will answer to his master with love and affection and with pleasure will brighten up leisure.

Care and maintenance British longhair cat

Because this breed is long and thick coat, he requires much more care than short-haired counterparts.

The coat of this cat usually has a thick and dense undercoat, which is very often formed mats.

  1. To prevent matting of fur and tangles, the pet should be brushed every 2 days with a soft brush with long bristles. In spring and autumn the animals have a seasonal moult starts and then brush them will need daily.
  2. It is not recommended to bathe this breed too often. Especially the Brits are usually very afraid of water. Make your pet calmly accept hygienic water procedures, it is necessary to accustom to it since early childhood.
  3. The ears and eyes of the British do not require complex care – they are sufficient to clean soft cotton swab several times a month.
  4. British longhair cats are cleanliness and are easily accustomed to the tray. However, the cleanliness of the tray must be carefully monitored and a modern clean dirty filler. Otherwise, the British longhair cat may flatly refuse to use the tray as intended.

Contain the British as possible in a private house and a small city apartment. It doesn’t require daily walks outside.

Food British longhair

What to feed a cat of breed British long haired to decide its owner. Some people prefer to use natural products, others make a choice in favor of the factory ready feed. If you get a pet that has already been weaned from breast milk, find out what he used to eat from the former owners. It would be better if the new owners would feed the kitten of approximately the same food.

If your choice fell on ready-made factory fodder, preference should be given to varieties of premium, which are designed specifically for cat breeds longhair breeds. In such feed contains all the necessary supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

If the kitten Briton eats natural food from the diet should exclude the following products:

  1. Fatty pork.
  2. Any dice.
  3. Potatoes in all forms.
  4. Pickles, smoked and fried dishes.
  5. Spices, spicy and hot spices.
  6. Sweet food.

In the diet of the long-haired Briton must include raw frozen beef and chicken meat, quail eggs.

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