Cat food Eukanuba and its main characteristics

When the house is a cat or cat dog owners are required from the first days carefully consider the question of the diet of your pet. Prepared feeds on the market there are many, some more expensive, others cheaper.

Among them, cat food Eukanuba. It is of high quality, in addition, it is possible to read a large amount of positive feedback from fans of the four-legged.

Food “Eukanuba” for cats: the pros and cons

Every dog and cat has its pros and cons, every owner knows your pet and can choose what most suits him. And given the fact that in pet stores and supermarkets the choice of food is very huge, then people will be able may not be the first time, to choose the best food for your four-legged friend.

Cat food Eukanuba is made in Holland and belongs to the category of products the super premium. Experienced breeders have noted many positive aspects when choosing this product.

Let’s look at some of them:

  • the composition of the feed Eukanuba for cats there are natural ingredients, the percentage of meat varies from 20 to 40 percent;
  • completely excluded products, which is a lot of affordable animal feeds;
  • dry food brand “Eukanuba” body cats are very easy to digest;
  • the product is designed in a way that takes into account the livestock needs minerals and vitamins;
  • there are different range of products for daily use, and for feeding kittens and sick animals and pregnant cats;
  • the nutritional value of the product. Compared with other cheaper feed animal need less product to eat.

This food is often chosen as the main diet for purebred cats, participating in specialized exhibitions.

But cat food Eukanuba has its drawbacks, which should know too:

  • the range is not too wide;
  • it is believed that the amount of meat in the food has recently declined;
  • composed of a protein of plant origin;
  • the cost of production is relatively high;
  • canned (pouchy), the brand is not released.

Cat food Eukanuba is relatively expensive, but remember that its nutritional composition is relatively saturated, so that in quantitative terms it will require less to ensure that the animal was not hungry. But, the consumption of cheaper feed will be much higher.

The classification of the product “Eukanuba”

If you decide to feed your pet food from this brand, keep in mind that to find it in the store or on the market. It is best to find a point of sale via the Internet, also food sold in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores.

Under the brand name Eukanuba you can purchase these types of specialized feed:

  • Kitten Half Old food for young kittens with a taste of chicken liver. This food is suitable for cats from the age of one month and up to one year, and for nursing and pregnant cats. It includes meat (40 per cent), vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Thanks to this balanced combination of components of the bones of the animal will grow faster, all systems and organs will develop properly. Food can be purchased in packs of 400 grams, and at 2, 4 and 10 pounds;
  • Cat adult – food for adults. There are several types – with the taste of chicken with lamb, chicken liver food for cats prone to obesity, neutered and a special diet that promotes excretion of stomach hairballs. Well-chosen ingredients help develop the animal correctly. Sold in packs weighing from 400 grams to 10 kilos;
  • Cat Senior dry food for cats of advanced age. It includes vitamins that need cats aged seven years and older. The taste of the food – the chicken liver sold in the same containers as other types.

There is even a special line of products under the name “Eukanuba” for sick animals. In such a dry animal feed composition, it is specially selected so that animal health is maintained at the proper level.

Veterinary line of products under the brand name Eukanuba presented the following feeds:

  • Asinhl – appointed in disorders of the digestive system;
  • Renal – diseased kidneys;
  • High Calorie for cats with nervous stress;
  • Restricted Calorie – great weight of the animal;
  • Urinary Struvite, Urinary Oxalate – urolithiasis;
  • Dermatoses – diseases of the skin.

On the stern for cats Eukanuba you can read a large number of positive reviews. Despite the high cost, the product quality is quite corresponds to it. If you compare these products with other popular brand name “Royal Canin”, the value of “Eukanuba” lower with the amount of meat in the composition. For this reason, the owners give preference to products Eukanuba.

But with regard to the special treatment line, the reviews about it are good too, but most vets believes that in this respect the “Royal Canin” is still better.

How to choose the right food for your pet

Each animal has its own individual characteristics, not only in terms of appearance and development too. The body of each cat is special, too, something he perceives as something absolutely not. And for your pet the diet should be very carefully taking into account different factors.

Like products of other brands, cat food Eukanuba should be chosen properly, may not the standard form, and specialized.

So, what you need to consider:

  • the age of the animal. As we have said, cats of different ages require different kind of ingredients, it is involved in the development of the whole. Proper nutrition will certainly affect the behavior and appearance of the pet;
  • the presence of the disease must be taken into consideration in the selection of diet. If the cats have any of the disease, food should also be special, when choosing a particular type of feed you should consult with a licenced veterinarian;
  • the condition of the animal – even if the cat is completely healthy, he can be in a special state, for example, it could be stress, pregnancy, lactation or excessive weight;
  • allergies – some cats may be allergic to a particular component of the feed. Which is why it should be chosen properly and very carefully. If you like this dry food will not pick up for your pet, it is better to feed him regular food.

Often, allergies in cats can manifest in the form of hair loss and appearance of wounds, often the lesions are severely itchy.

That diet was selected correctly, evidenced by such indicators:

  • the coat is beautiful, shiny and smooth;
  • Kal homogeneous and has a normal color;
  • the animal moving and active.
How to give your pet dry food

If you chose this option as their main diet, be sure to consider these guidelines:

  • be sure to decide the mode of feeding of the animal. It is best to consult with other animal lovers or vet;
  • choose one of the options to feeding pet – feeding by the clock, on a limited number of granules or in the form of free access to the feed;
  • if you feed cats dry food, the animal must have permanent access to drinking water. Cats need to drink quite a lot, to avoid problems with the genitourinary system;
  • you cannot mix food with dry food with natural products. The fact that the diet of producers for animal nutrition is thought over very carefully, and they already contain a large number of components, which do not require additions.
How much cat food Eukanuba

The average cost of production of the brand , “Eukanuba” as follows:

  • container with a capacity of 400 grams from 300 to 400 rubles;
  • five-pound package – from 1000 to 1800 rubles;
  • 10 kilograms – from 3000 rubles.

Naturally, the cost differs depending on the type of product and margins. These labels are relevant for 2017.

So, we learned the features of the cat food brand Eukanuba, found out its advantages and disadvantages. However, you should closely observe your pet as he fits this type of supply.

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