Cat food Felix is deservedly gaining consumers

For many people, the cat became synonymous with home comfort. This animal, though with a strong freedom-loving disposition, but very affectionate. Psychologists have long spoken about the possibility of cats to remove stress from those of their strokes.

Many cats become family members, so the choice of food for them in great respect.

Cat food Felix has long been on the market for animals. If he was there or not, everyone can identify himself.

The composition of cat food Felix

Advertising of food for cats felix says that this food is healthy and adult males, and kids. This food can have kittens, pregnant and sterilized cats, as well as animals with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

We are talking about the wet form of food for cats Felix, there’s even visible pieces of imaginary meat. Why imaginary? This product contains only 4% meat. This applies to any flavor of species , whether bird, fish or beef.

At first glance, such a small content of a meat product, in the cat the stern should be alerted, but we are talking about the purchasing power of the economy.

This allows you to keep affordable the price of the product, similar products of premium category can contain up to 45% of meat-containing components.

In addition, the cat food may include:

  • minerals;
  • vitamins and flavor enhancers;
  • vegetable fibers and proteins.

All listed components are needed by the body of the animal with the exception of flavour enhancers. Many say that cats are happy to eat Felix cat food, although other food almost eat. This is due to the very same flavors that attract animals. They eat with appetite, visually staying healthy.

Percentage of amplifiers of taste and aroma is negligible. If you do not consume animal products such on a daily basis, they do not have a negative impact on the health of the pet. Regular consumption of cat food Felix is able to generate a steady addiction to a particular food. Such animals may refuse to eat even the premium products, with completely natural composition with a higher percentage content of meat components.

On the other hand Felix cat food is much healthier for cats than food from the table person. This kind of power is more balanced to the needs of the pet, does not contain excessive amounts of salt are harmful to animals in doses that are normal for humans. As an additional source of protein in such products, use soy. Vegetable protein does not harm the animals, as normal sources of energy, unlike the dubious quality of meat and bone meal in products unscrupulous manufacturers of products for animals. Felix products manufactured by the company worldwide, it values its reputation and does not allow creation of unworthy goods.

Manufacturer of Felix and its comparison with other forages

Felix cat food manufactures well-known company Nestle. Since 1984, the beginning to exist Purina company, specializing in the production of food for animals. Nestle bought the organization in 2001.

From the same manufacturer there are 3 other popular cat product:

  1. Pro Plan.
  2. Purina One.
  3. Friskies.

The first belong to a more expensive category, and the latter is lower in value than felix. If we compare food Felix with products of similar price range from other manufacturers, it is clearly preferable. This is based on the structure and on the final action.

In General, products for animal nutrition from nestlé in a good place in the market – it’s varied in price, assortment, format, and quality. Feed have the optimal ratio the price-quality. The increase in the cost invariably entails an increase in the composition of meat-containing components and other nutrients.

Cat food Felix quickly became popular due to acceptable quality at budget price and wide range. Taste and nutritional properties reflect yourself felix Pets, they are happy to eat such food, are playful and healthy.

Features of the range

Within one brand, a variety of shapes and tastes of pet food. Cat food Felix is represented not only in the form of disposable bags with different kind of meat, poultry or fish.

There are several different from each other feed Felix:

  • sticks;
  • canned;
  • Goodies.

Each species has an internal division by types and tastes. Recently Nestle launched a new product under the brand name Felix, which combines a dry food and treats.

Wet food sticks are divided into 3 groups of taste:

  1. Fish (salmon, trout, cod).
  2. Meat (beef, rabbit, lamb).
  3. Products of poultry (chicken, Turkey, duck).

This is a partial variety of flavors, they are much more. There is also a support line of the three main groups in combination with vegetables. Similar latitude range is represented in the form of cans, allowing to provide cat food animals not in one meal.

We should also highlight the line for kittens, more precisely, the availability of forage in each of the categories.

Now produce 3 varieties of feed for cats all taste groups:

  1. Jelly.
  2. Tasty slices.
  3. Double yummy.

Felix cat food in jelly has a delicate texture. Tasty bits is a classic form of wet food felix. Line Double yummy combines 2 kinds of fish or meat, combined in one product, such as beef and lamb, trout and salmon.

The composite characteristic taste and 4 kinds of Goodies. Such products are not the main diet of the animals they are intended for treats as a Supplement.

Each of the 4 products is composed of fragrant granules 3 flavors:

  1. Chicken, Turkey, liver.
  2. Salmon, cod, trout.
  3. Beef, chicken and salmon.
  4. Cheeses Edam, Gouda and cheddar.

Previously released portions of cat food in trays, but now the market of the CIS it is difficult to find or even impossible, but other products are becoming more popular due to the peculiarities of advertising.

Advertising policy

Toosachi feed Felix actively advertise in print publications and in online stores, and on television. A few years ago, the brand has become a bright face – the face of a black-and-white cat. In television commercials, he is represented by a bit arrogant, but affectionate animals. Voice the thoughts of the cat in combination with its original cartoon image quickly attracted the attention of pet owners, but the quality of food Felix allowed the brand to be loved by animals.

In printing editions of a cat named Felix is still being published in drawn form, though the TV has already appeared his namesake in the flesh.

The felix is a fun, non-aggressive, but it no longer plays such an important role in the early formation of the brand. Cat food Felix is already known and is sold in many online shops. Besides, now potential buyers use online sources and portals of recommendations for choosing a variety of foods.

Reviews about Felix stern

Positive feedback on the stern for cats from pet owners clearly dominate the negative ones.

The latter is typical for the secured segment of the population that can afford to buy their Pets food premium level.

In their opinion, contained in the composition of the products felix 4% meat or fish – a little critical. People with money for their Pets prefer to buy food with high content of meat components. This seriously affects the final cost of the product, but it certainly improves the quality of cat food.

Any vet will Express appreciation for the choice of higher quality food, although such products for animals can afford not all owners of Pets.

At the same time, many veterinarians have noted a high level of quality feed Felix relative to competitors in a similar price range. Many doctors for animals agree that the product is not clear from much inferior cat food Felix. Same, but not as clearly stated and Whiskas. Latest feed, like Darling, is there not every cat, even if she’s not used to expensive products of premium category.

What behavioral responses of cats and their health determines the quality of the product. Pet owners are buying cat food felix, say that their Pets are happy to eat, look healthy, have strong teeth and shiny hair. This is the best indicator of the quality of the product, even if it is economy class.

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