Cat food Orijen: the best food for a pet

As we know, all Pets need a balanced diet. And today more and more veterinarians advise to buy for pet cats this food as Jrijen, known for its high quality virtually around the world.

What is he like? What is its composition? This will be discussed in detail below.

ORIJEN for cats: what is food

Dog food ORIJEN (original title Orijen) is a balanced diet for pet cats belonging to the category “super.” Manufacturer is the company Champion PetFoods, which is located in Canada, and it manufactures a whole line of cat food Orijen for all categories of animals. More than 25 years, this company has been manufacturing high quality feeds for Pets, which is recommended as veterinarians and breeders, and fans of cats.

The main advantage of Origin is that this food on its composition close to the natural diet of cats to the max. Since these Pets furry Pets by nature are predators, and their diet should contain natural animal protein. That’s why the canadian company in the production of balanced food for cats uses only natural meats and by-products, adding to them the necessary nutrients, thus, the complex contains 80% natural meat (fish, chicken, Turkey, eggs), and 20% is given for herbs, vegetables and even fruits. In the no harmful additives, GMOs, and fragrances. Also feed Orijen are not included grain products.

Specialists of the canadian factories to monitor production and conduct quality control of products. For the production of selected natural ingredients local production.

ORIJEN for cats: a range of food

The first thing to note with regards to this feed is that it will fit any cat. Especially it is recommended to purchase it for those Pets who have problems with digestion. Any food out of the lineup Origen well absorbed any breed of cat, besides it does not cause allergic reactions.

There are two options to feed my cats Orijen is a meat product and the product containing fish. And meat food is made only from poultry. Also the line includes various delicacies from lamb, venison, from the meat of wild boar. Any food provided by the company Origin contains additional components, which make up for the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Of vegetables these foods include tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato, and fruits – Apple. There are no preservatives and flavour enhancers.

ORIJEN for cats can be purchased in different weight variants, e.g. for starters, you can take the package at 340 gr and see how the pet will eat it, will you have him selected. In General, for a constant power supply it is recommended to buy the middle package Orijen 2.7 kg. As for nurseries , the company produces special food in large packages is 6.8 kg. Such large quantities of food for a long time preserves its quality as its original packaging able to retain an optimal moisture level, taste and smell.

ORIJEN for cats is the product of high class and quality, and its price corresponds to its status. The product is not cheap, but its purchase in big amounts will help you save money. The best option for purchasing the product Orijen is the online store of the manufacturer and major online stores dealing with the sale of products for Pets.

A detailed analysis of the composition

As an example, for the composition will be taken to a version of “Cat & Kitten”, intended for the nutrition of cats and kittens.

This includes such ingredients:

  • natural source of protein (about 15 products);
  • chicken and Turkey;
  • the liver;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • chicken fat;
  • green and red lentils;
  • green peas;
  • sweet potatoes;
  • different herbs;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables.

In addition, the product includes vitamin E – a natural antioxidant, useful and necessary to all living organisms.

The pros and cons of the product Orijen

First, the pros. Need to say that veterinarians and breeders have identified a number of really significant advantages in foods Orijen:

  • a fully balanced diet based on animal proteins;
  • no dyes, preservatives and GMOs;
  • cats love the taste of Orijen;
  • the food has a very pleasant smell;
  • extremely positive impact on the health and appearance of the animal;
  • established animal digestion, no stomach issues;
  • no allergies.

Pros really a lot, but is there any such product cons? As it turned out, the cons on the composition and effects on the body of the cat was not there. All that noted Russian breeders, is quite a high price and some interruptions in delivery of the products.

How to diet

To find the optimal portions of food Orijen you need based on the weight and age of the furry pet. So, for 1 kg of weight of animal is about 25 to 35 g of feed. Kids need exactly half the rule, and the other half preferably divided into two or three doses.

If the pet has a good appetite and used to tightly to eat, then a specified rate can be increased by 10%. However, if the cat asked again and again and still can not eat, it’s a reason to show it to the vet: it is possible that the animal was infested with intestinal parasites.

As a Supplement to the main food you can buy Orijen freeze-dried treats are made with venison, lamb, wild boar. To give your pet them every day, but only as a supplementary food, to feed him exclusively treat impossible.

And some General advice. The cat must be fresh water, change it every day. In addition, if the pet began to eat balanced food, then you must stop to feed him food with a “human” table, otherwise the animal may get stomach problems.

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