Cat food super premium and premium

For the proper functioning of the organs and the whole body of domestic cats need a balanced diet. How to correctly choose a diet for your pet?

Will examine this issue and consider the most qualitative and popular food for cats premium and super premium well-known manufacturers.

Features ready-to-feed

Diet for cats is an easy and convenient way of feeding pet, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the animal. Usually the products are manufactured in two types – dry and canned.

When selecting cat food should consider some nuances:

  • foods that positively affect the health of a pet is a super feed and super premium;
  • economy version ready supply can cause irreparable harm to the cat;
  • the domestic feed differs significantly from foreign and often not for the better;
  • all food have different ingredients and portions (the daily ration of a pet);
  • when feeding finished products, and the animal should have permanent access to clean water;
  • when translating from one ready-made diet, you need to gradually introduce the new product, over time increasing its part and leading to complete replacement;
  • you can’t buy weight food, it’s often low quality, and shelf life can not be verified;
  • when feeding cats dry product, it is desirable to add diet and products wet (cans) from the same manufacturer.

Feature feed

Experienced breeders and vets recommend this food, which is represented by super premium and premium class. This group is the most complete composition and full of nutrients.

Food for cats premium

Part of premium food includes meat products (in increased quantities), but offal is much less. The amount of nutrients is quite large, they are represented by grains, cereals, corn and rice flour. All products are premium class, without exception, are enriched with mineral and vitamin complex.

By cons food for cats premium include sometimes encountered in the chemical components and additives. However, they are harmless, therefore not able to be addictive and to cause any illness in the animal.

The composition of wet food premium also perfectly balanced and contains a sufficient number of meat ingredients. Choose a product composition for a specific purpose easily. There is even a bar that has a beneficial effect on coat condition and skin. The advantages of such products can be attributed to the fact that the daily amount of food of premium class consumes less than usual.

Cat food super premium

Most of the brands of food unfamiliar to the ordinary owners, but is widely used by experienced breeders. Price category super premium is the highest. This is because the composition of such products include expensive components, and also lacking all kinds of additives (colorants, by-products, preservatives).

To purchase this food can be difficult, it is sold only in special outlets or major veterinary clinics. This category of product the most expensive available and it is not much, but at the same time considered as the best and rational for domestic cats.

It should be notedthat the power is a super premium highly digestible and leads to a reduction in the daily requirement.

Popular cat food super premium and premium

Is that the average owner it is not easy to choose the right food for your cat. To choose quality products at the pet store is very difficult. Bright and colorful packaging not always indicate the best product.

The list of premium food for cats

Consider production premium, which is represented on our market of ready-made food for cats:

  1. АCАNА Orijen Cat & Kitten. Manufacturer – Canada. Cat products is represented by 9 species. Each type is rich in protein of animal origin. Other ingredients – fish, meat of different varieties. The main ingredients are vegetables, fruits, vitamins, fish oil. The main difference from other food – protein in large quantity (up to 75%).
  2. Royal Canin. Mainly produced in Russia, but if possible, it is better to buy this brand in Europe. To super premium class can be attributed only to the therapeutic range of this brand. The usual series of cat food has low quality, often in their composition, it is possible to meet flavors, flavor enhancers and different chemical components.
  3. Berkley Fricassee No. 1. Country of manufacturer: France. Best food super premium – holistic. The composition of such products is always several kinds of meat (rabbit, Turkey, chicken), vegetables, vitamin-mineral complex. The high cost is the main minus, plus – rich composition, a variety of lines for different breeds and ages.
  4. Pro Plan. Products made in the USA, under the trade brand Purina. Company in the market of forages for a long time, so it has many fans around the world. The manufacturer took care of all the categories of cats, pregnant and lactating to kittens and neutered Pets. Composed of easily digestible vitamins and minerals. The price for this great product relatively low, so often buy it for a pet.
  5. Hill’s. Made in the USA and the Netherlands. The products consists of several lines of canned and dry food, and there is also the option for clinical nutrition. It medical food category of luxury apartments. A significant disadvantage of the dry diet brand – may be allergic reactions.
  6. Cimiao. Produces food Italian company, Farmina. Products designed for cats, which are characterized by their pickiness towards food. Thus, a significant part of meat supplemented with minerals and vitamins, corn flour. The range is suitable for all ages of animal, from kittens to elderly cats, as well as for different States. The main lack of food think its higher fat content.
  7. Eukanuba. Country of origin – USA. Food refers to super premium class. Products are presented daily and veterinary line. The composition is perfectly balanced, the number of meat components is very high, but also is characterized by its nutritional value.
  8. Ardеn Grange. Products super premium, made in England. Proven themselves both abroad and in Russia. In addition to the best ingredients, the food is also enriched with enzymes and prebiotics. This allows you to feed them cats are prone to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Premium feed for kittens

The selection of prepared food for kittens should be approached responsibly. In the first weeks of their life kittens need the best, most correct, balanced and enriched diet. Naturalness – is the main requirement of food for kittens, products must be of exceptionally high quality and natural meat.

Most of the companiesthat produce feed premium and super premium typically produce series of products for kittens:

  1. Kitten Royal Canin. Designed for kittens aged four months to one year. The structure of production consists of fast digestible proteins and essential fatty acids.
  2. Kitten Minette OSERA. Feed designed for feeding kittens. Rich in fiber, which prevents blockage of the stomach lumpy wool.
  3. Arden Grange Kitten. The product is designed for feeding not only kittens but also pregnant cats. The composition of food includes a large number of only natural meat.
  4. Kitten “1 st Choice”. For kittens aged from two months to a year. Base – chicken, additional components, minerals and vitamins.
  5. Bosch Sanabelle Kitten. Designed for feeding pregnant cats and kittens of two months to a year. The main meat of the chicken.
Tips and advice

A lot of information can be obtained by reading the recommendations on the label or packaging of food. It is important to remember that the products of premium and super premium class must be composed of only natural meat, and not any animal by-products.

The choice of food

On the packaging of the premium product must be of the following designations:

  • AAFCO is an abbreviation that indicates that a product the most nutritious and balanced, approved by the American Association of quality control;
  • specify the type of meat, with indicators of its content in percent;
  • the presence of fish in an additional ingredient – the best source of protein;
  • set the volume of the daily diet (the less the better);
  • the expiration date should not be very large or suitable to an end.

Domestic cats do not give food, which includes bone meal, chemicals, dyes and fragrances. The amount of wheat or corn flour should not exceed ½ of the total feed.

We must remember that the high cost and advertising product is not an indicator of quality. But a cheap product will not only very quickly to eat the cat, but can also cause irreparable harm to pet’s health.


Often it is impossible to change the feed, you need to choose one with a good product and feed only them. Many cats are very difficult to tolerate a change of diet.

Basic guidelines when feeding an artificial product:

  • when feeding forage to monitor the availability of clean drinking water for cats;
  • feed your pet 2 or 3 times a day;
  • you can’t stir food on the table and food to feed only one food.

When choosing ready food should heed the advice of a veterinarian and carefully read the information on the product label. In any case, you can not listen to people who say that their cat eats this product and it’s all good. Maybe this food just will not fit another pet. You need to carefully monitor the health of your pet!

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