Cat pixiebob: description of the breed, particular care

Many people associate the cat with a graceful animal with a silky coat, intelligent eyes and luxurious fluffy tail. But not everyone knows about the existence of a marvelous cat that attracts attention by his short, unusual for felines, tail. These cats belong to a breed pixiebob, which is officially introduced in the US in the mid-eighties.

These Pets are unusual, as they look like miniature bobcats. Breed cats pixiebob continues to gain popularity among the people to think about the institution pet. What are the features of these magnificent creatures? What kind of care needs cat breed piscibus?

Piscivory cat was bred in natural conditions. It is believed that the strange animal with a short tail was the result of interbreeding lynx inhabiting the territory of North America, and the domestic cat. For the first time a wild cat was discovered by a man approximately in 1985. The discoverer of the breed is officially considered Carol Ann brewer American felinolog. Specialist immediately drew attention to the short tail, large size of the animal and that marvelous creation of non-standard number of toes. A year later, the woman managed to save another pixibob cat. Then Carol Ann brewer founded the program for breeding animals resembling domashney lynx.

For reference: the name of the breed “pixiebob” comes from the phrase “short-tailed elf” (PDF).

Pixibob has average settings, while its trunk and limbs extremely massive. Specimens pixibob are unique in that they grow to 4 years, while ordinary domestic cats stop growing 1 year of age. The body weight of the animal depends on its sex: a healthy adult cat pixiebob weighs 5 pounds, while body weight pixiebob male can reach 10 kilograms.

Externally, the representatives of the breed pixiebob resemble their congeners breed, the American Bobtail, but among these animals there are several significant differences:

  • pixiebaby cat has a pear-shaped head and eyes are triangular in shape;
  • cats breed pixiebob non-standard number of toes on the feet, this feature is called polydactyly.

Strandart opisujemy breeds looks like this:

  1. Head: she pixiebob has an inverted pear. Chin cats a massive and whisker pads – rounded.
  2. Ears: pixibob has ears of medium height who attract attention by the presence of tassels that give the cat a resemblance to the lynx.
  3. Eyes: eye color of an adult animal varies from Golden to amber. There are also cats pixiebob with eyes the shade of green gooseberries. The animal’s eyes have a triangular shape.
  4. Nose: pixiebaby cat is slightly convex, with a small hooked nose.
  5. Body: the animal has a powerful body with protruding shoulder blades and hips. Chest pixiebob massive.
  6. Tail: its length starts from 3 cm. Tail pixiebob islamisty and zakrugleny at the end.
  7. Wool: an animal has a medium length coat, although also there are short-haired representatives of this breed.

Color cat and cat breed pixiebob heterogeneous, and therefore unusual. The animal’s eyes have white or chocolate piping and the contour of the century “summed up the” dark arrows. The coat has a tinge of chocolate tabby, while the belly and the bib of the animal can be white or gray. The end of the lint – bright, making pixibob and has an unusual color.


Despite the predatory appearance, cat breed pixiebob peaceful enough characterizes easy disposition. Observed that animals quickly attached to their owners and strive to spend time with them as much as possible. Cat breed pixiebob doesn’t scratch or bite, but only if you do not feel the approach of danger.

Judging by the reviews of people who have pixiebob cats, their Pets and their behavior reminiscent of dogs. Specimens pixibob like to accompany the owner, and even bring him toys. But do not forget that cats can not tolerate any drastic changes – moving, long absence of the owner, so to minimize stress to the animal can not abruptly change its habitat.

Nursing and health care

Any pet needs health care, proper care and nutrition, and cat pixiebob no exception. Noted that the representatives of this breed have good health and excellent physical endurance. Thus, the lifespan of the animal can reach 13-15 years. Genetic diseases among pixibob almost never occur, but since 1985 was recorded several cases of congenital anomalies of the genitourinary and cardiovascular systems.

Pixiebaby sensitive enough to vaccinate, so before the introduction of the vaccine, the animal must be examined. Pixibob is prone to weight gain, so every owner of such an animal must ensure that the animal received the optimal amount of high quality dry food daily.

As a cat breed pixiebob has thick hair, no weekly wyczesany do not work. As for bathing, then a month will be enough the same hygienic procedures. Also the owner should monitor the cleanliness of the ears and teeth of a cat. Claws pet should be as necessary to cut.

How much is a pixiebob kitten

Purebred kitten in Russia is from 20 to 100 thousand rubles, in Ukraine – 7 to 38 thousand hryvnia. Standard options, family tree – will all determine the cost of the animal. When buying a pet, you should focus on his behavior and the purity of wool and skin, as well as the availability of routine vaccination (vaccination are usually recorded in the veterinary passport). To purchase a purebred kitten, preference should be given to specialized nurseries.

Cat breed pixiebob is not only beautiful, smart, graceful, but also a peace-loving animal that can be a true friend of man. That pet had excellent health, was active and playful, it is necessary to provide quality care and nutrition. If the health of the animal you see any suspicious signs, the owner should immediately show the cat to the veterinary doctor.

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