Characteristic of the breed Singaporean cats

Cat breed Singapore – one of the smallest in the world, which is very popular and loved due to its small size, huge eyes with a tender look, good character, and ability sincerely attached to his master.

These Eastern animals have a cheerful disposition, bright temperament and a sharp mind and wit. If you own a Singapore cat, you will have a loyal and faithful friend, whom will always be interesting and fun.

The origin of cat breeds Singapore

The name of the species is associated with Singapore – a city that is located in the South-East Asia. Despite its Asian origin, cat breed Singapore has been bred by the Americans. The ancestors of the miniature beauties were ordinary cats living on the street. The story goes that in the gray of the seventies, an American geophysicist, who came to Singapore on business, saw in the street a little and stray cats with unusual coat color – pink-beige. He caught them and sent my friend in the USA, which is engaged in breeding cats. Then a stray cat from Singapore and became the ancestors of a new breed.

Further breeding was complicated by the fact that procreation required were the same miniature animals. After 10 years in America brought a new batch of cats that breeders have crossed with the American species. So, in 1981 came the Singapura cat, which was officially registered and very quickly received its recognition among cat fanciers in the West and then throughout the world.

Description Singapore cats

The breed of these animals has the smallest size compared to other domestic members of the cat family. Weight miniature cats is about two pounds, and the Singapore cat is three. Despite its small size, Singapore cats breed is sturdy and muscular, with short and very strong neck. The tail and paws are of average size. It is believed that on the outer side of the feet should not be stripes, and the tip of the tail in cats are always a dark color.

The appearance of the cats is very angelic and soft. Animals have a round shaped head, wide nose is pink in color, protruding and large ears, slightly pointed at the ends. Singaporeans have very pretty eyes: large, almond in shape, set wide apart, wide open in surprise. The color is from Orekhovo-yellow to green-yellow and olive.

Main distinguishing traits of Singaporeans from other breeds is a small body size and the only option color. The coat of cats cream color with a brown tinge on the head, tail and back. Each strand of wool dyed with two dark stripes, the root of it is always light in color and the tip, on the contrary, very dark.

Singapore cats are short-haired. They have soft, silky and glossy coat that fits tightly to the body and because of the extraordinary color seems a little mother of pearl. A characteristic feature of the breed of Singaporeans – contrast rings around the eyes and nose, and light markings on the head. Paws of the animals are brown-pink.

Characteristic of the breed

There are certain external signs in cats, the presence of which indicates that the animal belongs to the breed of Singaporeans, for example:

  1. The head is round, with a small muzzle, strong and determined chin. The bow of the small size, normal shape.
  2. Ears set well apart, rather large size.
  3. Very large, wide open eyes, with a slightly surprised look, bright green color.
  4. The trunk has a rectangular shape, the legs are long, paws small and neat. The movement of the body looks graceful and elegant.
  5. Coat – short, without undercoat, soft and silky.
  6. The first type of color – light brown with a lighter shade on the chest and chin.
  7. The second type of color – Golden-cream, a very light-colored with dark brown spots on head, ears and back.

The main features of the nature of Singaporean cats – gentleness, docility, playfulness, and absolute lack of aggression towards people. They are very attached to their owner and to all members of the family in which they live, giving their affection and care. Your favorite owner of the kitten should be literally and accompanies him in all Affairs. Cats have a quiet and gentle voice, love to curl up in a ball and bask in the knees, and if you need to be alone with him, the animal will never impose their society.

These animals are very smart, easy to learn, quick to remember its name and respond to it. They understand very well his master, feeling his mood by the tone of voice. Singaporeans just love people and are perfectly able to get along with them. They are very playful, full of boundless energy, but the modest and unobtrusive. Thanks to the perfect nature of miniature beauty is perfect to families with children and other animals. The cat likes to play with other Pets that live with her and never hurt them.

All Singaporean cats are very clean by nature, quickly and easily accustomed to the tray and its location. The only drawback is their timidity. The animal can be frightened screams, of strangers, of the noise, but the fear passes quickly, when the cat get comfortable and realize that she’s not in danger.

Oriental beauty has another feature – it is an innate instinct of motherhood. These animals are the best mothers of all breeds of cat. Indeed, Singaporean cats can be great moms and if other people’s kittens will be next, she would show them greater care and attention.

Health Oriental beauties

Feature miniature breed is that kittens grow quite slowly, and full development of the animal only reaches to two years. But despite this, the Singapura cat has a very good health, but sometimes may manifest increased sensitivity to vaccination.

You should also not forget that the breed is heat-loving, very poorly tolerate drafts and can quickly catch a cold.

Here are a few signs by which you may decide that your cat is sick:

  • the General lethargy of the animal, the cat is not playing, as usual, does not communicate with the owner, tries to stay alone;
  • constant sneezing;
  • discharge from the eyes and nose;
  • the increase in temperature.

If you notice these signs in your cat, you should immediately contact a veterinarian. To treat colds with a specialist is quite easy, but it is always better to prevent the possibility of disease, protecting the cat from the cold and dampness.

Singapore cats breed for about 15 years.

Caring for animals

Cat breed Singapore is very clean, so a special care of it is not required. The main duty of owner to promptly clean the litter box, it is good to wash dishes for food, to keep clean a cat house and litter.

The wool of these animals are quite resistant to the effects of dirt and dust, so take care of it is easy enough to be thoroughly brushed the hair once in two weeks. Bathe your darling have the extent of contamination using high quality shampoo for cats.

It is also important to monitor the purity of the eyes, every day we need to wash them with warm water, removing dirt. It is necessary from time to time to clean the ears, using cotton swabs moistened with hydrogen peroxide. If you will keep eyes and ears clean, it will help to prevent the emergence and development of undesirable inflammatory infections.

Teeth pet can be cleaned twice a month, using a special paste designed for cats. It will be a great prevention of dental plaque and other dental problems. Brushing a kitten it is best to start as early as possible, to continue this procedure did not cause his discomfort.

Trimmed as necessary and claws, using special forceps. But this should be done carefully, removing at one time more than a millimeter and being careful not to damage the cat’s paw. Don’t neglect the grooming claws, as a cat who lives in the apartment they can interfere with, wrapped inside and injure the finger pads.

As Singapore cats do not tolerate drafts and cold, it is very important that litter for your pet to be in a warm place, preferably near the battery. Then your darling does not get sick, be always healthy and active.


The breed of these animals do not tend to accumulate excess weight. But this does not mean that a cat can be fed anything. In any case can not give your favorite bacon, pork, smoked sausage, cream, fatty milk, and food from your table.

Here is a sample list of products that allowed your pet and will be very useful for him:

  1. Lean meat chicken, Turkey. You can give boiled liver, offal. Sometimes treat animal sea fish, but not every day, because its use in large quantities may cause kidney stones in cats the illness from which they suffer and often die.
  2. Different kinds of cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, millet. In the third of the diet should be meat, which must grind and mix with any porridge. Porridge can be cooked from several types of cereals.
  3. Boiled vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini, all kinds of legumes. The cat will eat vegetables very readily, if they are boiled with the meat. Offer your pet fresh cucumbers or green peas, many animals eat them with great pleasure.
  4. Low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt will be very helpful your favourite. These foods contain a lot of calcium that are easily digested, they also help with the digestion of heavier foods.
  5. Singapore cats can be fed prepared feed premium and super premium class, they are perfectly balanced and fully ready to drink.
  6. Necessarily anytime in the bowl must always be fresh water.
Where to buy Singapore cat

In our country, unfortunately, is very difficult to do, because not all kennels can guarantee the purity of the breed of their animals. In Russia, the breed of these cats is not enough common, so if you want to buy a kitten, strictly meets all the standards of the Singapore cats, you’ll have to do it abroad.

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  1. The coat of cats cream color with a brown tinge on the head, tail and back. Each strand of wool dyed with two dark stripes, the root of it is always light in color and the tip, on the contrary, very dark.

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