Closed toilets for cats: the variety of models of houses, toilets

Owners of cats know that Pets require different attributes and accessories in the form of bowls, trays, kogtetochek and toilets. Especially important litter box, which is placed in one of the rooms of the apartment or house.

So the cat went to defecate and urinate in a tray, it needs to be for her. Today pet stores offer a wide selection of cat litter, among which are executed in the form of a large house, closed trays. Than they are comfortable with and what model is best for your pet, you can learn from our article.

The types of cat litter

The tray will be filled with a filler, is selected based on the preferences of the pet and its owner. Some animals are so picky that you have to change, no adaptation, before the cat starts to walk to the designated place. Some trays in quality or design may not please the owner.

In the pet shop for cats you can easily choose the toilet of the following varieties:

  1. Tray with low bumpers. The cheap and simple device that may have a different size and shape. Compact tray with low sides perfect for little kittens. But when using adult animals, it often will need to change the filler.
  2. Tray with high sides. The size and shape of the product looks like a box, like so many cats. Besides, while digging pet filler granules remain in the tray and not scattered on the floor. It is suitable only for adult animals.
  3. Tray with mesh. Comfortable plastic design, into which is inserted the grid. You can not use the filler. The liquid will flow inside, and the paws of the pet will remain dry. However, after each use such products will have to wash, otherwise the odor will spread throughout the apartment.
  4. Tray with removable rim. Lightweight and easy to use plastic design, into which is inserted the rim. Can be equipped with bars. With the removable collar is very simple to clean the toilet, but the odor this tray does not help.
  5. Closed tray looks like a house. The design of a closed type like many animals that are in these houses feel secure. When using filler, they hold odors, eliminate the blunders of the animal, do not allow the pellets to spread outside of the toilet. However, not all cats can be trained to such a toilet, and large breeds may simply not enter the house.

In addition to the above, there are disposable toilets for cats, trays of different forms and the latest device – automatic design.

Features and types of closed toilets for cats

Design houses are quite large, so placing them will be possible only in a rather big room. But some cats are very shy and would be happy to use the closed space to make their case. Many models are equipped with doors through which the pet will come and go independently.

If you compare the closed design and the trays, the house has many advantages:

  1. You can buy a variety of dimensions.
  2. After its use in the apartment is always clean.
  3. Retains odors inside, even if the filler does not absorb them.
  4. A closed space like a lot of cats.
  5. The animal goes in the toilet, not past it.
  6. Plastic box can be choose the necessary colors, and it perfectly fit into the interior.
  7. If not enough space, you can buy a triangular design and install it at any angle.
  8. Some pet owners establish houses in the bathroom or toilet, and use their roof as a floor shelf or table for Newspapers.

However, such devices are not cheap, so before you buy a house, you need to make sure that your pet will like it. To this end, over the usual tray set the cardboard box pre-cut door. If the cat will walk into a toilet, then it is possible to buy a house.

There are several types of structures closed type:

  1. Equipped with a high roof and a door a simple tray, which is filled with filler.
  2. A composting toilet with a charcoal filter.
  3. Automatic self-cleaning toilet.
  4. Toilet with level indicator and filter.
Toilets with active carbon filter

If the house lives a pet, cleansing the charcoal filter will last for four to six months of use. To filters quality clean design no need to remove the door.

The advantages of composting toilets:

  • does not require frequent maintenance;
  • perfect for Pets who like to dig;
  • create an enclosed space;
  • eliminates the spreading of litter and unpleasant smells;
  • has a cute design.

The toilets are from two thousand rubles, and for them to constantly need to buy additional accessories.

Self-cleaning toilets

Automatic design connected to the mains, cold water, Sewerage and works on the principle of the washing machine. Liquid and solid waste is collected in a special compartment where the purified, converted to liquid and using a special disinfectant washed down the drain. Then turn on the fan to hot air drying inside the house. Such cleaning is only possible if the cat is not inside. About no animal signal special sensors.

Are automatic toilets of the closed type is quite expensive, so it is recommended to choose models from known manufacturers. When using this design, about the cleanliness in the litter box, you will not have to worry.

A composting toilet with indicator and filter

The product is equipped with carbon filter, led lights and electric fan. The indicator determines the level of contamination of the filter and the fan drives smelling the air to the air cleaner, which is located in the rear part of the structure. That it is time to replace the filter, will signal indicator light.

The advantages of this bio-toilet is closed:

  • you can use any kind of filler;
  • silent operation;
  • eliminates the ejection of the filler;
  • fully absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odors.

The disadvantages include:

  • the need for electrical connections;
  • large size;
  • expensive replacement filters;
  • pretty big cost.
Popular models of the toilets of houses for cats
Cat Genie 120

Automatic device, which requires connection to electricity, sewer and water. Filled therein serve special detergent granules which do not need to frequently change, as they are sifted, washed and dried. In the design of the installed cartridges with shampoo, which is enough for three or four months. Toilet works automatically and doesn’t require any action from the owners.

A significant drawback of the model is its high price and the necessity of buying detergent and shampoo filler, which also are not cheap.

Litter Spinner

The mechanical design of the closed type with special design. Before use it is filled with filler and is mounted on a special mount. Once a cat is done doing his business, the house in the form of a drum will need to rotate clockwise.

All existing waste will travel in a special compartment, from which after a certain time or immediately can be easily removed and disposed of. The downside of the design is the ability to use only fillers with small granules. The model is not suitable for animals weighing more than 9 pounds.

Nyan – tomo Seiketsu Toilet

Design from the Japanese manufacturer equipped the absorbent antibacterial Mat and coniferous litter. This type of filler is reliably eliminates odours and antibacterial, deodorizing and absorbent Mat will ensure no smells and absolute dryness. To change the filler and the Mat will need once a week.

Buy cat litter box in plain tray or the design of a closed type is decided by only the owner. Of course, the litter boxes much easier in terms of maintenance and keep the house clean, but we’ll see this device pet? It is necessary to think, weigh all the “pros” and “cons” and only then go to the pet store for a purchase or leave the old tray.

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